I haven’t knit in months. I got started on a sock project that turned into a nightmare. I didn’t even blog about it, that bad. I basically knit a pair of fair isle socks only to have them come out too small.  I was determined to rework them in a  larger size.  The yarn was ordered and I even got half-way through the second sock before setting it down and never looking back.  I was just so tired of knitting the same thing for the fourth time!

Lately I’ve been feeling regret over never finishing it.

The truth is I’ve been scared to pick them up again after hibernating for seven months.  There is always that doubt that I’ve lost the momentum.  Can I get my tension right and make them the right size?

Whether it fate or coincidence that this popped up on my feed, I don’t know.

I’ve done a few KALs, but never finished them.  Rather, I started one and never finished — the other was never cast-on.  I even went so far as to rip it out and start over, three years later.  That was two years ago and I don’t think I got further than balling up the ripped yarn and putting it away.  It has become plainly obvious to me that I have commitment issues when it comes to knitting.  I always have the best intentions, but something always interferes.

I need a fresh new project to get me back into knitting.  It has been seven months since I’ve touched my needles and jumping right back into and unfinished project isn’t the way I want to go.  This KAL gives me the perfect fix.  It promises silk yarn and at one skein of 163 yards I can’t go wrong.  The yarn itself is worth the cost I paid plus I get the pattern and support to get through it.

After a few minutes of pondering, I just clicked the purchase button. A $25 investment wouldn’t be that bad if I never started or finished.  I’ll just have more yarn to contribute to my collection.


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