Elephant Socks, Take Two

The SO and I were watching Alias on Netflix last night. I figured that it was as good of a time as any to pick up the regretful project, Water for the elephants. I was making them for my SO’s mom as a Christmas gift in 2012 but stuff happened.  Fast forward six or seven months later and the socks are still not finished.  Let me go into some detail here.  I did finish the socks before Christmas.  They were just the wrong size.  I had been told time and again that she had small feet, smaller than mine.  Turns out small in length is not small in width.  This was my second attempt at knitting socks and of all things I chose stranded knitting.  I was just so tired of knitting the same intricate pattern over and over so I never finished knitting the larger sized socks and left them to die under my coffee table.

I’ve been thinking about finishing them up several times the past few weeks, but I was never brave enough to actually peek at the project.  I didn’t remember if I was on the first or second sock.  I could have sworn I was on the second.  Yesterday morning I pulled the project from the depths of its cave and placed it on top of the coffee table.  Perhaps I could get used to them and feel more comfortable jumping back in if I let them sit out.  They mocked me as I sat there watching Alias.  I was truthfully only on the first (ahem — third technically) sock, but it was almost complete with just the toe left to knit.  A few minutes later and I was weaving in ends.

We were up late, so I was able to cast-on the second (fourth) sock.  I had to look up how to do the Twisted German Cast-on (YouTube Link) again because it had been a while. Muscle memory is a good thing. I was able to watch the video once and off I went. 72 cast-on stitches later and I was k2p2 via the magic loop method.  I finished the ribbing and got ten rows into the pattern before we went to bed.  I’m not setting a deadline for this project because I figure as long as they are done by Christmas I’m good.

Project Details

My Project Page: Elephant Socks #2
Yarn Used: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Pomegranate
Yarn Used: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Heirloom
Pattern Page: Water for the elephants
Pattern Designer: Rose Hiver


  1. Love the name of your site. I’m going try to make these socks with a bear instead of an elephant. We’ll see how it turns out!


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