Silk Curved Scarf

The mystery has been revealed! We’ll be knitting a Silk Curved Scarf using the beautiful blue Artyarns Regal Silk.

I wound it up last night and it was a dream between my fingers. I lost the most important piece of my ball winder ages ago. I don’t know what it is called, but it is the piece that actually holds the yarn cake. I was determined to make a somewhat pretty yarn cake. I setup my swift, grabbed a toilet paper roll, and set off rolling by hand. The swift was annoying, it made progress slow. The results were better than if I hadn’t used it.

The pattern was revealed today. I logged into Craftsy so I could print the pattern and check out how the workshop works. Even though it is only 8am here, there are several who’ve started. I’m sure other countries were awake while I was snoring away. Unless perhaps they were that intent on being the first that they waited until midnight. Not this gal…I need my beauty rest.

Anyways, here are the long-awaited yarn pictures. I’ll post my progress on the scarf later. I have to wait until my lunch break to start.

Le Yarn!


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