Big Mish-Mash of Stuff

I’ve been learning to use the crock pot lately.  Yes, learning.  It isn’t as simple as tossing in your ingredients and walking away.  If only.  I have mastered the corn beef and cabbage.  Oh, yes…it is deliciousness.  I layer the carrots, potatoes, and celery on the bottom.  I then place the corned beef on top, with the fat up not down.  I wedge out the cabbage next and kind of shove it between the pot and meat and layer it on top.  The reason the cabbage goes on top is because it cooks very fast.  You could just leave it out and put it in 30 minutes before eating — and cranking the crock pot up to high.  I typically set it at 7amish and we don’t eat until a little before 7pm.  It is amazing.  It was made even more amazing by our venture to the local farmers market.


There is a lot that can go wrong.  Too much water or not enough.  Or just the wrong ingredients period.  Like this ham pictured below.  It came fully cooked.  Do me a favor, learn from me — don’t crock pot meat that is already cooked.  At least not for 11 hours.  I chopped some fresh herbs and crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t turn out horrible.  I had high hopes.  By the time we ate dinner, the meat was falling apart (typically good) but still dry.  Because it was a sweet ham with glaze — even though I left the glaze off — it didn’t mix well with the vegetables.


Next us to discuss is the shrinking yarn cake and expanding scarf.   The cake is still very purty to gaze upon.  I think I like using the toilet paper roll method — at least until I replace my ball winder lol.


 The scarf is coming out quite lovely.  I’ve added a few teeth sense these photos below.  The SO and I have been watching Doctor Who lately.  I’m already 100% caught up, but he just started watching it.   We just saw the first weeping angel episode last night.  I think I decide on who will be receiving this once this is finished.  I promised a pair of stockings to a co-worker for Christmas last year.  I’ve not yet re-cast on the first sock.  There were issues relating to moving and the doom of the approaching holidays.  Regardless, hopefully this will be well received as a token of sorry.

In other news, Guido wanted to say hi to all of you!


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