August Resolutions

I’m no good at New Year’s resolutions.  I usually don’t make any and if I do it’s only to be a part of the “group” and I don’t ever intend to keep it.  There are things I’d like to do for myself and my family.  I use the word family loosely because the only blood relatives I have are my mom, brother, and son.  I count the SO as family however and this is the family I’m speaking of here.

You see, last Black Friday we purchased fitness equipment with the intention of actually using it.  Obviously this hasn’t happened.  We’ve also been fake dieting.  Doing the whole low carb thing.  I want to take better care of myself as well, my skin and hair especially.  Then there is the knitting.

So without further ado, here are my August Resolutions.  Since these are different from New Year’s they won’t go into effect immediately and I’m giving myself a deadline for starting and creating a routine for each by December 31st.

  1. Start Weight Watchers.  I’ve done this program successfully before and particularly love the results.  You learn to eat what you should eat and never really have to sacrifice much, just portion appropriately.  I don’t eat big so this won’t be hard, plus I get to eat all the fruits and vegetables I want (until full).
  2. Heal up from my surgery and begin a fitness regime.  I’d like to incorporate fun aerobics with free weights (since we have the bench and everything to go with).  I’d love to find and join a fitness pole dance class.
  3. Use the Proactiv product’s I’ve been collecting for years.  I always use the face wash in the AM, but never Step 2 & 3 and I never wash in the PM either.  I propose to do all three steps in the AM and PM.  Using the Green Tea Moisturizer in the AM and Refining Mask at least 3 times a week in the AM.  Since I take a shower after cooking and eating breakfast, I can wash my face upon waking up and apply the mask.  Then shower and remove and applying Steps 2-3 after.
  4. Keeping up my new fiery red hair.  The SO forced me (ha) to get my hair done last weekend.  He got tired of seeing long dark roots with light ends.  I’ve acquired a bit of grey hair for my old age of 29 (for the first time — not the second or more, I’m looking forward to my thirties) and while it doesn’t bother me I did look very patchy with all the colors going on.  So I caved and off we went.  $187 later I had my lovely red hair back and some specialty shampoo and conditioner without sulfate or sodium chloride.  They advised I come back in four weeks for a glaze and six for a touch up.  Red is hard to keep red.  Thankfully I’m also very curly and am therefore not able to wash my hair daily.  FYI, daily washing is bad for any hair type.  I typically rinse it out, apply a light conditioner and rinse.  I only actually scrub and wash it once or twice a week.  Curly hair lacks moisture because you cannot brush it when dry.  This doesn’t allow me to brush the good oils down the hair shaft.  Rinsing it daily removes surface dirt and allows me to keep it moist to prevent breakage.  So the lack of washing will allow the red to wash down the drain slower (and it does wash down) and I while I don’t think I’m going in for the glaze, I will go back to touch-up my roots.\
  5. Finishing up all my WIPs.  If I cannot find a reason to finish it, I will frog the project.  I already have in mind several that will undergo the frogging process.
  6. Documenting my stash.  I’ve lots of stash in my Ravelry notebook that is gone/used/no where to be found that needs to be updated.  I also have lots of stash I’ve acquired the past year or so that needs to be photographed and uploaded.
  7. Making a White Box for taking said photographs of yarn.  I’ll also being using it to take photographs of projects.  I’ve needed a white box and the new move will give me the space I need to store it.
  8. Acquiring a digital camera.  I’ve needed one for years and have honestly been making due with my phone camera.  I love to take pictures, particularly of nature, and the phone camera fails.  I’ll add this to my Christmas list and hope the SO gets it for me.
  9. Part of documenting my yarn is also organizing it.  I’m partially there, however there is great need to go further.
  10. I’m stash-busting this year.  I want to buy new yarn but I refuse to do so until I’ve knitting as much stash as I can.  I don’t have a particular goal in mind, however I will not purchase any more yarn this year.  Christmas knits must be done on what I currently have in the stash.
  11. Start cleaning house more frequently.  We’re not slobs and we do clean up after ourselves, however since we both work full-time I adamantly refuse to be the sole house cleaner.  I already do most if not all of the cooking and dish washing.  I already do 100% of the laundry.  I’m the only one who’ll drag out the vacuum or broom.  I never mop — I wet rag the floor as needed.  I fully believe in sharing the household chores.  I’m not asking for the bed to be made or anything that is not necessary.  I’d just like for someone else besides myself.  I work 40+ hours too.  I deserve time to myself too.  So I’ve slacked, hoping someone else would help me pick it up.  I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t clean the toilet, it just won’t get cleaned.  Since I cannot live like that I guess I need to take on the full job of household cleaning and silently resent the SO for putting me in this position.  I thought about going all Fly Lady about it but I just don’t have the energy to invest in setting it up and then following it.
  12. Buy fresh foods from the farmers market.  We’ve kind of already started doing this.  I plan on continuing.   They taste so much better than commercial store bought and last longer too.  Just ask the bananas that are still sitting all pretty and black spot free — when normally at this time they are not edible (we like green-yellow not yellow-black).  I love Whole Foods but my pockets aren’t deep and I don’t have one locally.
  13. Find a butcher and acquire lots of meat to deep freeze.  We’re gaining a small stand-alone freezer from the SO’s sister and brother-in-law.  Since we’re crock potting and I use up lots of meat, it’ll be better on our budget to find a local butcher an get meat there.  We have a few places in mind to check out.  I prefer butcher meat over commercial.  It doesn’t have to be organic, but I don’t want broth and water injected into my meat which typically happens when you purchase from packages in the store.  Plus it’s cheaper.

I’m sure I could think of more, but for right now this is a great start. It gives me enough to do and if I accomplish the beginnings of it all before the end of the year, I’ll be pleased.


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