Ramblings of Christmas Knits

There are several things I’d like to get done this weekend.  One day will be wasted on my SO’s nephew’s birthday party.  I say wasted because I won’t be able to have much fun.  You see, I was in a car accident earlier this year.  I have been agony with sciatica for the past week.  I’ve had it since the accident but it has gotten progressively worse.  I do have a surgery scheduled in a few weeks, but how I wish it had been today.  My right side seems to be more affected.  The leg goes numb and tingly and I have sharp pain all in my butt and hip that radiates down my leg.  So bad I told the SO this morning that we were going out to eat dinner.  I had already stood around to cook breakfast and after that agony I couldn’t bear to do the dishes, let alone chop vegetables and haul meat from the fridge.

We’re going to Kabooms.  We went last year for the same party and it was a suckfest.  The SO and I had been dating almost a year (it’ll be two years next month!) and we were long distance.  The only time we got to spend together was when he drove down on the weekends to visit.   We attended this birthday party and half the machines were broken or those that worked didn’t yield tickets.  It was small, cramped, and smelled.  Laser tag was planned, however I got left behind.  I believe I ended up looking after someone’s baby and then the SO didn’t come collect me for the game.  Of course I got all sad and emo as is typical for me.  I wanted to roller skate last year, but not alone — no fun alone.  I was going to roller skate this year but fate has a cruel way about her.  Basically since I won’t be able to walk around and play the broken games or do much of anything (darn you sciatica) I guess I’ll sit around and knit.

Knitting means bringing a project that doesn’t require a chart and space.  The only projects on the needles are those that require charts and space.  Well one doesn’t require charts but I do use my Knit Picks Knitting Chart Keeper to hold the pattern in place.  Since my silky scarf requires me to reference two separate patterns it is easier to keep track with the magnetic pieces.  If you don’t have one of these and thought you’d never want one, I highly recommend the purchase.  One of the best I’ve ever made.

I’ve been thinking about starting on Christmas knits.  Technically the two projects on the needles (ahem, active projects — I do have several hibernating WIPs) are Christmas knits.  The problem is I don’t want to have too many “active” WIPs at once because then I won’t finish the two I’m working on.  I could simply knit dishcloths since I do plan on gifting lots of those, however my go-to pattern, Grandmother’s Favorite, is too easy a knit for my taste at this point.  I’ll save that for television knitting since I don’t have to look at the work or a pattern.  I’m not really interested in knitting other dishcloth patterns this Christmas either — I’ll use these as a stash-buster for all my cotton yarn.

Joy, now I’m doomed not only create the list of recipients but find something compatible for each!  So I’m now off to search Ravelry for a project that can be knit from my stash and will be gifted to someone at Christmas.

Before I go, I should really finish typing this post.  I started off with this one and started drafting other, which I just clicked the publish button on.  You’ll see it below, August Resolutions.  I get so distracted at times.

Anyway…this weekend.  I’d like to finish the scarf I’m working on and make some progress on the Elephant Socks.  I don’t think I’ll get much of either done since I’ll be starting some unknown project this weekend as well.  I want to start another Clapotis but I have no idea who’d be the lucky recipient.  Gah!  My mom wouldn’t use it, my MIL (not married but I shall refer to the SO’s mom as such) is getting the Elephant Socks.  SIL already received this Clapotis so knitting her another one doesn’t seem feasible.  I could make it for a co-worker, but then I’d have to make something equally awesome for those left.  I don’t know what other amazing I could make unless I knit them all Clapotis?

That won’t work. I have six female co-workers that I’d need to knit them for. I have four months to make them. I’m not that dedicated and even if it took a week each, that is six weeks of straight Clapotis knitting. I don’t think I could do them in a week each. I’d also have to knit something for the two male co-workers and two bosses. Grrrrr. I guess no Clapotis for me this year 😦 You see how I just talked myself out of that one. Plus knitting six Clapotis would mean I wouldn’t have any time left for the other delicious projects I have planned.

I wanna knit the nephews Christmas stockings with their names.  Not my nephews, the SO’s.  You can just assume from here on out when I refer to family other than my mom, brother, or son that it’s all the SO’s family.  I consider them my own anyway.  Back to the topic — I can’t knit the stockings since said nephews and family will be at the party.  Plus I’d need several yarn colors and charts and all that stuff I don’t want to take with me.

Forget knitting for the SO himself.  I haven’t an earthly clue.  Socks are out.  After Elephant socks are off the needles you won’t see me knitting anything foot shaped for a long time.  Hats are out since we’re in Florida and it is hot.  He doesn’t get cold in the short winters we do have down here so no point really.  Ergo scarfs and gloves/mittens are also out.  There is nothing job-related that I could possible knit for him either — at least in assisting him as he works.  He is an auto glass tech.  I’m at a complete loss here.  Knitting household items like blankets and coasters don’t apply as gifts for him either.

My mom is hard to gift for.  My brother and I haven’t talked in years.  No ideas there.  About the only person left to knit for is myself and my son.  I think I’ll cast on something for the latter this weekend.  He just turned seven and lives with his father and step mom in northern Georgia.  I don’t get to see him often.  The winters there are cold.  I’ve sent gloves and a scarf a few years ago but I’m sure he long outgrew those.  Perhaps I’ll make a sweater or two and a hat with scarf and some playground mittens.  I’ll play around on Ravelry tonight and tomorrow and hopefully come up with a favorable pattern to cast-on for the party.

Isn’t he just adorable?


    • I get that in physical therapy each time I go and it does help manage the pain a lot. I’m not so worried because I have surgery planned for the 23rd that should relieve the pinched nerves in my back. Perhaps I’ll pick up a Tens machine just to use it because they are quite awesome.


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