The Weekend

My arms hurt today. The SO and I got into a competitive shooting game at Kabooms.  You have  to pump the gun before each shot and we played two campaigns.  I won the first batch and he won the second.  He whooped me with two games at air hockey, however he cheats.  He claims it is because his hands are too big for the mallet..whatever!  He kept stopping the puck with his hand instead and I call all of those shots for myself — so therefore I win both games regardless of the final score!

I had fun.  We arrived a little late because the time got away from us.  We woke up and first thing went out for breakfast.  Then we stopped at this new place called Western Beef.  Wow, we are so going there from now on for all our meat needs.  They have a separated meat freezer with everything imaginable.  It is far too cold in there for me so I’ll need to bring a jacket.  While their produce was very nice looking, we still prefer the farmer’s market.  The prices are hard to beat and  I know a lot of the vegetables are locally grown.  The next stop was Walmart where we picked up some eggs and a few small items.  Next was the actual farmer’s market.

We got home a little after noon and somehow thought it was only eleven am or so.  Our plan was to leave at one to get there by two (long drive down).  I finished putting away the groceries and realized it was twelve forty-five!  Both of us mad rushed into showers and preparations.  We finally got into the car around one fifteen and arrived an hour late.  We were starving and the pizza was due to arrive a bit later, so we ordered fifty chicken wings.

yum yum

I pigged on a few then took out my knitting.  I had no intention of skating or playing games.  I’d taken a Vicodin in the AM and felt okay, but standing/walking around would just cause more inflammation that I’d pay for later.  I got several looks and a few questions.  I had to explain that I was knitting a silk scarf — I chickened out on starting a new project — and I didn’t know who it was for and so forth.

I rubbed the grease off and took out my needles.

A grandmother to one of the children attending the party came over and sat down with me a bit to discuss knitting in general.  I knew she was a knitter from a previous occasion and she was very excited to see me using circular needles.  I don’t own straights any longer because circular needles can be used for everything.  I prefer them for back and forth because it is less fuss and weight.

After the cake, the SO and I walked around a bit to find something fun to waste our tokens on.  It was a little after five when we said our goodbyes to go and visit my mom.  I’d promised to drop by to pick up the jewelry box she was giving me.  It has been hers for as long as I can remember.  I didn’t realize until after I got home that she’d written a message on the back.


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