See What Had Happened Was…

I’ve been away for two weeks or so, busy with moving and having surgery.  The latter is complete, though I’m in the healing process.  Moving is still going on all around me.  We’ve gotten everything in our house, now we have to put it all away.  Forgive me if this post is long, I’ll try and make it brief.  This is part one of two, since I have two weeks I want to update everyone on 🙂

On August 15th I won some lottery tickets from work because I made a suggestion they considered worthy.  You see we’ve been having Tuesday meetings in the morning at 8:30 am.  This wasn’t an issue previously because I came in at 8 am.  Once I changed to 9 am I realized how silly it was.  You see, those who start at 8 am pile into the conference room at 8:15 am to ensure they’ll have a seat and twiddle their thumbs until the meeting starts.  This has always pissed me off because I sat at my desk until 8:28 am or so and work.  Not because I’m trying to prove anything but because the morning is my most productive time and I try to squeeze everything out of it.  Plus I have a weekly conference call at 9:30 am and I need to prepare a bit for that.

Fast forward to 8:30 am and those people who are scheduled to arrive at 9 am or later are standing in the hallway outside because there is no place to sit anymore.  These people have come in earlier than their scheduled work and are forced to stand around in the hallway outside the meeting room.  So I suggested that we either move the time so it is more convenient for all to attend or hold it in an area where everyone can actually sit down.  So I was given four lottery tickets and won two bucks.  Ironically I wasn’t even in the meeting where the tickets were handed out because I’d woken up too late (at my usual time) to arrive early for the meeting.
The next day was also fun.  Management had previously passed down that if we sold 75 units of our product in the month of July then we’d all go out to the movies at iPic.  They rented a movie style popcorn maker and had posters created in order to motivate us.  We’re not all in sales, a business run entirely of sales agents would never succeed, but we are all on the same team.  We all needed to work together in order to be successful.  It was close at the end of July if we were going to be able to complete the task, but we won.  My name is on the poster, which is too cool.

Our reward was a cocktail hour with two drink tickets and appetizers.  We could use the tickets for alcohol or anything non alcoholic, so I had two long islands.  The stuffed mushrooms and meatballs were amazing.  We sat around and chatted.  Someone spilled their drink all over the place.  It was all too quick and then we were paraded upstairs to the theater where each recliner had a blanket and pillow.  They were setup by twos and each recliner had a table between it.  This table contained another drink ticket and list of entrees to order from.  All customized for our company!  It was awesome.  My coworker, Robin, and I sat next to each other and shared the Thai Coconut Shrimp and the Angus Burger Trio.  Yum yum.

That was the only free night I had that week.  The rest of my nights were filled with cleaning and preparing the new place for living.  When we first moved into this duplex, I took two days off work in order to scrub the new place. It was gross and disgusting and omg how can someone live like that?  This time we devoted our evenings to the task, however the AC was blown out for a few days.  I used a fan to start scrubbing the kitchen but it was too much.  We decided, from experience with the electric bills, to tint the sliding glass doors.  Only one is done so far, but the other will be completed shortly.  At this point that week we also didn’t have two functioning bathrooms.  I believe only one toilet worked and we had two showers under construction.

All in all it seemed like an incredibly busy week but the weekend proved to be the worst. You’d think moving from one side of duplex to another wouldn’t be that bad. We never did pack anything and just kind of moved the big stuff and used the same box over and again to move the smaller stuff. It took forever. Next time I’m boxing all the crap up with labels and tape. I’ll also be hiring a moving crew. Never again.

Overall I’m happy with the new place. The landlords painted and put down new carpets. We have a dining room and extra bedroom that we didn’t have previously. Our back patio is very large as well. We have space to grow and be happy and I look forward to settling in with the SO again. Our relationship just keeps getting stronger and us moving made it even more so.


    • Can’t wait to see you. I think you’ll love the new place, even though it is in disarray. At least we have working bathrooms now 🙂


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