The Long Weekend

Saturday was filled with knitting. It was a race to see if I’d finish the dress before the party. With no seconds to spare I finished the picot bind-off and wove in the ends.

When I say “wove” I mean I tied pretty little knots and cut. They’ll stand up to washing and since it’s for a toddler I know it’ll be outgrown before it’s worn more than a few times.

I made a pretty crochet flower on the drive down. Sadly I didn’t get to take a photo of the finished product. Hopefully I’ll get one of G modeling it.

The party was held at Nova Gymnastics and the kids had a blast. Nothing like running around on soft surfaces and swinging into foam square pits. I wish now that I’d taken pictures.

Sunday I just played around. I’ve had some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that I purchased to make Ravelry: Falling Snow Stocking pattern by Jennifer Hoel and some purse. I cast on to make the stocking, but changed my mind.

I didn’t get past the two color long tail cast on before I frogged and cast on for Ravelry: Ten Stitch Zigzag pattern by Frankie Brown.

I made some progress on it last night before I passed out exhausted. Wool yarn is really hot to knit with, even with AC and fans blowing on you.

Today I’ll make some more progress while watching Pretty Little Liars. Nothing else to watch on that SO and I aren’t watching together and its easy to knit along to.


    • I’m absolutely adoring it! The pattern is really easy to follow (and memorize) after the setup row. The first zig-zag put me into OCD mode because I didn’t want to mess it up.


  1. The stocking looks very Nordic, I will make one (or two ..or more) myself. I liked it, Nice!
    In Sweden it isn’t common with stockings at Christmas. It will be my first Christmas here this year and it will prolly be a mixed one with American and Swedish style 🙂


    • The joining of two styles is always fun! You get to choose the stuff you like the best and ignore the stuff you don’t 🙂 I’ll eventually make the stocking…maybe next Christmas.


  2. I just found this same pattern on revelry and love it. I’m a beginner and am having trouble understanding and following the pattern. Do you or could you make a video tutorial of how to knit this pattern?


    • Where are you having the most trouble? Have you started knitting it or are you just reviewing the pattern at this point?

      More than happy to help out however I can. By knowing exactly what you need assistance on I can focus on showing you how.


      • well, i am a beginner. I just taught myself how to pearl knit this week by watching videos. I cast on the 10 stitches, but when it says ti knit front & back i cant find a video that shows it & explains it. Also, after reading the comments on ravelry some people said they are having trouble going to the next row. I’m assuming knitting 2 stitches together you just pick up 2 loops instead of one. I also don’t know how to psso (pass slipped stitch over. Ive been looking online for a week or two to try & learn how to do this pattern and yours looks the best. Plus the videos i have tried to use are not very helpful.

        I hope you can help b/c I would love to try & make this pattern. Oh & I like to watch PLL too!!


        • Brook, thank you for replying back. I’m more than happy to help! You remind me of me when I just started out.

          I’ll post a tutorial for you tomorrow. Tonight I’ll prepare everything. Now that I know where you’re having issues I can address those.

          I’ll also update my “How to Knit” page with help links/videos of the stitches you’re questioning.

          K2tog is exactly what you think. Instead of knitting one loop, you insert your needle (left to right) into both loops (through the front of the loops facing you with your yarn held at the back). Then wrap your yarn around your right needle and pull it through both loops. This is a very common decrease in knitting.

          PSSO stands for Pass Slipped Stitch Over. Before you can achieve this decrease you need to know how to slip a stitch.

          This is achieved by moving a loop from your left needle to your right without knitting it. I can be done in two ways, “as to knit” (left to right through the front of the loop as it faces you) or “as to purl” (right to left through the loop as it faces you). I typically do this “as to knit” when doing PSSO. You can do either as it works for you. Knit keeps the loop oriented as normal. Purl twists the loop in a different orientation.

          Now that you understand how to slip, the next part is easy. After you slip your stitch from the left needle to the right, you knit the next stitch. Insert your left needle into the slipped stitch from left to right and pull it over the stitch you just knitted. You will be left with just the knitted stitch. This is another common decrease in knitting. There are others but you’ll learn them as you come to them in patterns.

          Kfb means to knit into the front and back of the next stitch. This is my favorite stitch in the entire zigzag blanket. This stitch causes an increase, turning one live stitch into two.

          I want you to take a good look at your knitting. You’ll see loops on both needles (or one if just starting a row). The side of the loops facing you is called the front of the stitch. The side of the loop facing away from you is called the back side of the loop.

          Now I want you to knit as normal, however leave the loop on your left needle! So insert your right needle into the front side of the loop from left to right and wrap your yarn around it. Pull the loop through. Do not drop the stitch off your left needle as you normally would.

          Next I want you to insert your right hand needle into the back side of the same loop you just knitted. If you turn your work so that your left needle would poke you in the face, just insert your right needle in the loop in the opposite direction. Wrap the yarn and pull it through.

          You now have two loops from this stitch on the right needle. Drop the loop off the left needle. You’ve just completed a Kfb.

          I decided to type this out in case it helps. Don’t worry, I’ll post a tutorial just for you tomorrow that covers how to start and knit the two different types of rows.


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