I need a camera.  A camera that isn’t connected to my cell phone.  I also need a light box.

I added poster board to the shopping list this weekend.  I had every intention of creating my very own light box out of it.  I was going to acquire the thick board with foam between it so it’d be sturdy.

The SO saw it on the list and asked while we were shopping why I’d need something like poster board.

I explained and of course he giggled at the notion.  He loves my craftiness and tells me this often.  One day I’ll get him into it 🙂

I decided to forgo the poster board for now.  I don’t really have a camera I’d use with it anyway.  I’m sure my cell phone pics would come out better, but they’ll be crappy no matter what.

I mentioned that I need a camera to the SO.  I even went so far as to hint, i.e. say, that I was planning on asking for one as a Christmas gift.  To which he replied that he had several cameras sitting around and I could use what/which ever.  I’ve yet to see one of these cameras.

No worries, I’ll eventually figure out a solution.  I still need to find the energy to put everything away after our move.  What a mess, just in the mass amounts of stuff that two people collect in a very short period of time.  We’ve only lived together since last December.  I literally moved in with a suitcase, some books, a few computers, and all my stash.  It has all multiplied.

Now we’re talking about maybe moving again sometime in the early future.  Not too soon but possibly not too far off either.  We had the, “let’s think about buying a house” talk this weekend.  Two weeks after we moved to the larger side of the duplex we rent.  We’re discussing the pros and cons, the types of abodes to choose from, and just our overall feelings on the matter.  So far our lists consist of the following:


  1. Any renovations we complete add to our investment and not someone else’s.
  2. Buyer’s market.  We can possibly get more bang for our buck.
  3. Freedom to do whatever we want, knocking down walls if we feel so inclined.


  1. Added expense of property/home insurance.
  2. Added expense of property taxes.
  3. Roof replacements are very expensive.


  1. Single-family home.  This type of listing used to make me giggle until moved into a duplex.
  2. Double-wide trailer.  Sounds trashy to some, but you can get a really nice home for a fraction of the typical cost.  Plus it is portable if you decide to move.  Hard to not love.
  3. Condo.  Probably not.  We want land.


  1. We’re in no rush because we have plenty to time to find the right one.
  2. It’s a commitment to each other if we’re planning on getting a house together.  We’re not married, yet.  I say yet because I hold out eventual hope.  He’s not really into marriage after his past experiences and I’m okay with that.  He did have a serious moment last week and admitted that I make him think about marriage as a possibility.

(changes title of blog post from I Need a Camera to Conversations because this post has quickly changed from my original topic)

I haven’t knit all day and I’m thinking I could use the relaxation.  I also somewhat want to play Diablo, but that’ll quickly turn into boredom I know.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get what I want to do done!  I’d like to enjoy knitting while watching television for more than a show.  I’d like to spend a few hours browsing the net or exploring Ravelry.  It’d be nice to forgo my chores.  I don’t mind cooking and cleaning so much, but I don’t like sacrificing my free time to do them.

I get up at 7am every day.  I start off with turning on the snake’s light, misting his entire tank with hot water, uncovering the bird, replacing his water and making sure he has adequate food for the day. I then go turn on both computers and log us is (why we still use logins I don’t know).  Time to make my coffee and start on breakfast.  Eat breakfast and wash the dishes.  Prepare dinner in the crock pot.  Take a shower and get dressed.  Most mornings I get about fifteen minutes of me time to do whatever.  This is changing now that school started and I need to leave earlier to combat traffic.  I’ve been five minutes late every day since last Monday.

I get to work at 9am.  My lunch break is 30 minutes of acquiring and nomming on food and 30 minutes of whatever.  Usually I read and talk to SO.  I don’t get any free time at work because I enjoy my job and have no time to fuss with personal matters while there.  My job is satisfying and I enjoy it.  I leave at 6pm and drive home with the SO in my ear.  We talk on the phone a lot during the day.  I sometimes, usually, have to stop on the way home to grab something.  I hate stopping, even for gas.  I want to get home and nothing can stand in my way! …

Dinner is usually great, but then I’m left with putting it all away and washing up after.  I don’t get to start my evening until after 7pm usually.  Sometimes later if I work late which I do often.  Then it’s browse the net and do my blogging/Ravelry searching.  Sometimes game-playing.  Between 8 and 9pm I usually saunter to the living room so I can knit with the TV.  I’ve gotten the SO addicted to Doctor Who and we typically watch an episode or two most nights.  I’ve adopted an easy knit so these nights are more about “Who” and less about “did I just drop a stitch?”.

So in keeping up with my daily routine, off I go…


  1. sounds like a hectic life!

    As one who has lived in a double wide and now in a house – I have to say – house is better, from my view, if you can swing it. Here’s the thing about a double wide – lots of plastic and it is harder to knock out the walls than you think. 🙂

    Mortgage rates are still pretty low, so now is a good time to take this big step!


  2. This specific blog post, “Conversations | Crazy Purls” displays that
    you actually understand exactly what you r
    talking about! I really definitely agree with your post.
    Many thanks ,Lisette


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