Knitting Needles, Oh My!

I wanted to share a quick trick for those who use Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set.  It isn’t often you find a project that will benefit from this.  Once you do, you’ll thank me.

I discovered this when knitting my first Ten Stitch Blanket frogged late last year.

You know how sometimes the purple cables just suddenly seem to pull out of the metal ends?

Typically this occurs right in the middle of a row and you’re left saying, “WTF!”

All of my cables have done this, one of the many reasons I’m ready to replace my Options with…another option.

This trick involves leaving these metal ends screwed onto your needles without the purple cables.  This is only part one.

Part two involves gathering Knitting Needle Point Protectors and using this to prevent the sharp edges from digging into your hands as you knit.

TaDa!  You’ve just transformed your circular knitting needles into very convenient straights.  They fit comfortably in your hands and work great for small projects with limited active stitches.

Just thought I’d share.

I’ve been looking at Knitting Needles by Signature Needle Arts.  I’m loving them but the fact that they are not completely interchangeable is puzzling.   I cannot seem to grasp the concept.  The needles are awesome and I’d go with interchangeable circular for sure.  The issue seems to be that each needle size needs it’s own cable.  So you have to buy a cable for each size of needle you want and each cable is $20.00 each?  I guess Knit Picks has me a bit spoiled since I can use the cables interchangeably.  I cannot understand why you’d be able to taper the knitting point but not the point where it connects to a cable.  Sounds like intentional gouging to me.  I don’t know if I’m ready to pay $42 for one needle and cable.  Since I’d invest in all of them that is $336 before tax and shipping!  Plus I’d have to buy extra cables for the most used sizes of 4-8 just to ensure I can knit smaller and larger projects without issue.

I could spend $169.97 to purchase all three of Knit Picks Circular Options (Nickel, Harmony, and Sunstruck).  I already own the entire first two sets, as Sunstruck just entered the scene.  My issue are the HORRIBLE cables!  They can say lifetime replacement all they like, this doesn’t save my project if the cable separates from the metal parts.  Sigh.

I did buy them five years ago.  I’ve had this issue since the beginning, but I’ve never purchased more cables.   They aren’t that expensive, I guess I could just get some more.  I hate the idea of investing in more Options stuff if I might change up.  I have two cables left, a 24″ and a 60″.  Both are in decent shape.  I threw away the rest, too much of a risk while knitting to have them pull apart.

I’ve never used another type of needle.  My first where the pair that came with my “Learn to Knit” kit from WalMart.  I might have purchased a few other sizes along the way.  Once I officially jumped on the knitting train, I invested (pulls out receipt) $304.59 back in 2008.  I bought both sets of Options because I liked wood for certain yarns and metal for others.  I bought a case and a few other small items like fixed circulars.  This was before the nickel plated needles came in a set because the receipt has them listed separately.  Sighs again.  Tax refund check well spent.

Knit Picks needles are gorgeous and awesome.  The points could be a bit sharper, which is why I like Signature Needle Arts because I can get stiletto points.  I wouldn’t recommend Harmony wood for DPNs or fixed circulars.  They are not strong at all and will break very easy.  I’m not even going to bother replacing the two sets that broke on me.  You get what you pay for apparently.


  1. here is a question I have been exploring with other bloggers with this problem. Are you right- or left-handed?

    I am a lefty, and have this problem so much that I no longer use anyone’s interchangeables, I just buy fixed ones as I need them, and have built up a lovely collection. My favorites are Addi lace (sharper points, as you mention liking) and they are super fast. I have worn the finish off too many wooden ones to get them any more.


    • I’m right-handed. I’ve heard of Addi needles and I haven’t really checked them out yet. I took a quick peek and like what I see.


      • well, that shoots that theory!
        I do like Addi – of course, I have to buy them each individually, so it adds up, but I don’t do it all at once, just one every now and then. I keep a card in my knitting bag with a list ofthe ones i have so I don’t duplicate unnecessarily. (I do have two of lots of them because when I knit in the round I use two of them instead of DPN, but that’s necessary, right? 🙂 )


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