Future WIPs

NOTE: Post is link heavy.  I’ve done my due diligence to ensure all open in a new tab/window so don’t hesitate to clickity-click if you please.  I apologize in advance because most if not all of the links are to Ravelry.com and some may require a login to view properly.

I was browsing around the Ravelry forums and discovered a new knitting pattern that I think will replace Ravelry: the beekeeper’s quilt pattern by tiny owl knits.  You see I had this idea to make the combs of this quilt from every project I start here on out.  The idea was great and I was looking forward to it, except I really don’t need a heavy blanket and I don’t think I’ll enjoy making it at all.

Now introducing Ravelry: Fandango Shawl pattern by Knitternall.  Sure it’s a shawl, but it is triangular. One could very easily just decrease as you increased to make a square blanket.  I like this because I can not only use up leftover project yarn, but it has a lovely look and is easy to add to at any time.  The seaming is done as you go so there’s no anticipation of the finishing work once you’re done.

I always think silly me about knitting blankets.  I have Ravelry: Cinn’s Couch Afghan on the needles now and

Ravelry: An African Adventure pattern by Horst Schulz,

Ravelry: Mitered Squares Baby Blanket pattern by Bernat Design Studio,

Ravelry: Doctor Who TARDIS Afghan pattern by Carrie Fritsche, and

Ravelry: The Wool Eater Blanket pattern by Sarah London

in my Ravelry Queue.

I have a serious problem because I live in South Florida and the only cold we get is from our air conditioners.  I do get very chilly on the couch at night so I decided to knit a blanket for myself.  I’ve removed the others from my queue because I’ll never make them.  They were cute and I thought maybe one day…but now I know never.

I need to seriously start thinking about Christmas knits.  I always say I’m going to and I never do!

I really want to make my son something warm.  I was thinking sweater/cardi and all I could drag up was Ravelry: Hallows Cardigan pattern by Melissa Metzbower and Ravelry: Soledad pattern by Annika Barranti.  Neither really speak to me which is why I haven’t started either one.  I also have Ravelry: Drive-Thru pattern by Wendy Bernard I could create, as I purchased the pattern years ago.  They all seem kinda blah.  What I really want is an Aran knit sweater.  I’ve done the Ravelry: Pattern Search and now I need to find the perfect one. Ravelry: Mariah pattern by Janet Szabo and Ravelry: Pie Man pattern by Kim Hargreaves appeal to me.  I’m not really into buying books for one pattern so I think the Mariah will work.  Of course before I even cast on I need to acquire yarn and gain measurements.  My son lives in another state with his father and I’d have to ask them to measure.  Or I could just make the size 8 since he just turned seven and call it good.  I make that call, they expect a sweater, sweater is never knit and never arrives, I lose cool points as a mom.  I have issues knitting things for people who are expecting them.

Next up is Ravelry: Yellow Man (inspired by Dispicable Me Minion) pattern by Ashley Phelps for someone else on my list.  She’s obsessed with minions and posted a similar hat to her FB wall ages ago raving about it.

While MIL is going to get her Ravelry: Cinn’s Elephant Socks #2 this year instead of last year as planned, she and her daughter also posted somewhere that they liked something similar to Ravelry: Goddess Barefoot Sandals pattern by Julie King so I’ll make each of them a pair for the holidays.  I’d love to make a pair for myself as well since I’m always barefoot.

I’d love to make my mother something, but other than dishcloths I don’t know.  I’ve made her a bunch of Ravelry: Grandmother’s Favorite pattern by Traditional Design in the past.  It’s my go-to pattern because it is simple and easy to add elements to.  I just discovered from Washcloth Week | Purls just wanna have fun that iron blocking them helps bring out the designs and overall purtiness.  I always wondered how to make perfectly square cloths from this pattern and now I know.  Of course this means I need to purchase an iron…

Ravelry: Cinn’s Silk Curved Scarf is going to a coworker that I promised Ravelry: Cinn’s Lace Stockings to last year.  I couldn’t make the stockings if I wanted to unless I bought the pattern.  I spilled soda all over the coffee table this weekend and ended up throwing away that issue of Interweave Knits.

That is all I have planned for the approaching season.  I do have a few ideas in mind for some other people, but I’m not revealing those until much later.  Secrets are good sometimes 🙂 I will say that I have another Ravelry: Clapotis pattern by Kate Gilbert in mind once I figure out the perfect stash yarn for such an occasion.

Did I mention I plan on knitting everything on my list from stash yarn?  Except the sweater for my son since I don’t have the right amount of wool in my stash.  It’s my child, so I’m allowed to indulge.

Speaking of stash, I have a goal of documenting it all on Ravelry this weekend.  I may or may not take photos but I need to update the inventory.  So if I disappear for a few days don’t call the authorities.  If you do they’ll find me wading through piles of yarn.


  1. Feather and fan cloth knit up fast and looks really pretty. That and the grandmas favorite are my go to’s. my mother in law thinks they are the bees knees 🙂
    I am going to have to follow you on Ravelry to see all these projects come to life!!


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