What’s in a bag?

I took snapshots of my knitting bag, inside and out.  Before I go into what I lug around, please understand that I’ve never had a place to keep my knitting supplies.  I do now, however I’m so used to having everything right there that I keep it all in the bag.  It is easier to dig around in it than get up and walk to the back of the house to get a needle or cable.  This bag typically stays at home and I rarely take it out.

The bag — side view.  I love this green color.  I wish I’d chosen something darker because it is hard to keep clean.
Top view. There are two sections with three zippers.  The zipper on the left opens into a small pocket, the other two zippers both open to the large bag portion.
First zipper, in the second photo it is the zipper to the far left. It was made to keep needles and such. I use it to keep pens and paper.  I also like to keep patterns inside the mesh.  Mostly things like charity knits and such that have frequent use.
Front flap. I usually leave this partially unzipped so I can just reach in and grab what I need.  This is a nice view of the bag’s interior.  The bag came with a divider where you see my needles.  I velcroed into place, but I removed it because it limited the interior space and didn’t allow me to reach the back pockets without unzipping the other side.
My stitch markers. The large section have Twilight-themed markers. The sections you cannot see have coil-free safety pins and row counting markers.  The three bins contain removable markers popular in crochet.  I use them to mark various points on my knits since they are easy to move.  The others are complete sets I’ve purchased that I keep separated from the Twilight bunch.
This is my notions bag. The one thing I do grab if take my knitting on the go. I love the clear plastic. I got it from a Knit Picks order some time ago.  Not sure if it came as a freebie with something or if I bought it separately.  I had more that I used to keep my cables in, each bag was labeled with the length.  They were too bulky.
Inside the notion’s bag is everything I could need (except markers). Blunt needles, yarn cutter, pencil with eraser and sharpener, tape measure, row counting bracelet, and a cable needle I made from an aluminum knitting needle.  I have since learned to do cables without this contraption but I keep it around because A) I made it and B) in case someone needs it.
Now that we’re done with the two front pockets, lets explore the inside.  I keep two sets of Knit Picks needles in this holder.  You’ll see my row gauge inside.  There are also ziplocks with ends for my knitting cables so I can take the needles off if the project is hibernating.  There are also needle size tags that I never use to attach to these hibernating projects so I know what size to use when I resume.
Now you can see the large interior. There are two pockets on either side filled with various goodies. The divider that I tossed goes between these two pocket sets — which limited the access. I think the divider had pockets or elastic to hold items too.
My crochet hook collection. I stole the case and most of the hooks from my mom. Stole is her word, borrowed is mine. She never used them and I use them frequently. Possession is nine tenths of the law right?
I kept the tins that my stitch markers and row counting bracelet came in and used them for other things. The larger tin and pins get their own pocket.
Inside the tins. Right to Left: Some pink beads I purchased for a shawl knit-a-long, buttons I’ve acquired and never used, and my large needle markers with needle tip things.
In the very back of the bag is a zipper bag that attaches with snaps. I keep various items in here.
From inside the zipper bag: size 4 DPNs, the only good cables I have left, pom-pom makers, and my fixed circulars.
Of course no knitting bag is complete without a project! This green knitting project bag was hand sewn by a member of my knitting group. I went out of my way to drive her home after meetings and she made this to thank me.
Of course no project bag should be without a project!  If I’m on the go, I use this project bag and just slip my notions bag inside.

(game show announcer voice)

I hope you enjoyed today’s segment of “What’s in a bag?”


I bought mine at Knit Picks several years ago and they no longer sell them.  I was looking to upgrade and came up with nothing.  Those of you interested in this bag, I did find the manufacturer and the link is here.


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