My Corner

I wasn’t going to post tonight but I figured it’s mostly photos.  I really want to dig into my Clapotis  tonight and get past the increase rows.

I wanted to show the view from my knitting corner.  By corner I mean my spot on the couch.

See what I mean? My corner…where everything is right there!

We acquired from the SO’s mom some gorgeous end tables and coffee table.  They are all hollow metal construction and have stone tiles that fit on the top.  I’ve come to appreciate what is under the table more than that is on top though.

Please excuse the dust. Apparently I need sick my Dyson on this…

See the metal rods there with big gaps in between?   You wouldn’t believe it but this happens to be every knitter’s dream…that they haven’t dreamed yet.  Let me explain.  Or rather, just show you in photographs how awesomesauce this really is.

Shove and knit I call it.

I can shove yarn into these gaps and it STAYS.

Laundry to put away? What laundry…I see no such thing!

I stole the SO’s old Chinese food plastic containers, punched holes in the top, and now use them as feeders for those balls of yarn without center pulls.  These containers fit perfectly in these gaps and there they stay.

I bought the keyboard so I could take fast notes in college while using my iPad as a laptop. Now it serves as a quick blogging tool when I’m couch-knitting.  It’s first gen and therefore vintage at this point.

Since I’m showing off, lets continue the coffee table tour.  On the far left here, right in front of me, is my handy-dandy stitch pattern book, a printed pattern that I’m sure is for a recent project and my iPad keyboard.

The # of increase sets I have remaining on my Clapotis. Visually directed by stitch markers.

I keep all sorts of stuff lying around my knitting table (ha!).  I didn’t have enough of one set of markers for the amount needed in the clappy so I grabbed a few at random.

There’s the bag!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my knitting bag rarely leaves home.  It typically sits at my feet under the table.  If I need something my fingers know exactly what corner to dig in.

You can see the extra cakes of yarn waiting their turn for my ten stitch zigzag afghan.  I haven’t made much progress on that this week since my Clapotis fever.  I did start the first white section.

Guido is my knitting partner.  He inspects the work often.  He has to make sure each marker is firmly in place and takes joy out of testing each.  I took these photos on Saturday and it is now Friday…I haven’t knit another row on this project since.  I consider it long-term.

Regarding the color sequence, I’m hoping it’ll work itself out.  I have four balls of the red, four of the beige, and two of the white.  My thought was red, beige, white, beige, red (repeated over and again).  I’m not sure if I like the idea of two red sections back to back.  I think I’m going to wing it.  At this point I can do whatever and just use white less than the other two.


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