Let’s Connect!

Okay, I never do this and you do not have to feel obligated at all!  I’m doing this so I can forge new connections in other aspects of my fiber-life (or not-so-fiber-life).

I’m happy to like/follow you on the following, just drop a comment with the link 🙂  I’m only posting the if you want to follow/like me elsewhere — this will not affect me doing the same for you!

I’m not asking you to join me on the below sites, I’m publicizing for the sake of doing so in case you want to!  I’ve browsed the blogs I follow and not all of them have these links available and I wish they were so I could follow you there!

Ravelry – CrazyPurls

Facebook Page – CrazyPurls

Twitter – CrazyPurls

Pinterest – CrazyPurls

Etsy – CrazyPurls

StumbleUpon – Mistine

Flickr – CrazyPurls


  1. I have Twitter & Facebook linked on my blog, and I’m Ravelry, but I’ll have to look up the link for it! Oh, and Pinterest of course (/thedovenest) 🙂 will add you around the place when I’m at the computer 🙂


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