The Craft Room

I’m on a trend here and I see no reason to stop until it is complete.  I’ve already explored my knitting bag, my knitting corner, now it is time to explore my craft room!

We recently moved into the larger side of a duplex.  The only difference between the old and new is we have a larger dining room, extra bathroom, and extra bedroom.  The extra bedroom is really a master and has a separate door that encloses a bath, walk-in closet, and larger-than-the-other-two bedroom.

We decided to keep our bedroom a the front of the house where it was on the other side of the duplex.  We actually gained room because we were able to move an oversized chair into the living room that dominated our space.  Where this chair sits (along with a bookshelf and end table) is where both of our computer desks used to be.  Right by the front door.

We moved them to the master bedroom.  It is now an office/fitness room.  We bought a weight bench last year and plan on using it someday soon lol.

My knitting “room” is the walk in closet.  It isn’t big enough for me to sit and knit, but why would I need that since I have a whole couch and coffee table to fill with that!  This room is where my non WIPs and yarn sit and wait.  I keep most of my books in here too.  A few are still on the living room bookcase because I haven’t gotten around to moving them yet.

This is the first time EVER since I started knitting in 2006 that I’ve had this much space to put my yarn away in.  My stash looks shamefully small.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking 🙂

View from the doorway.

I converted the SO’s old nightstand into a bookshelf.  I have miscellaneous crafting items (beads, hot glue gun and sticks, and dying supplies) inside the drawer.  The pink bag is a Christmas gift I received — a project bag.  It unrolls and has a see through storage section.  Pretty handy.  The tote contains current WIPs that i’m not working on.  Not necessarily hibernating.

To the left you’ll see a large tub of yarn.  This is acrylic of various types.  The box is also acrylic from last year’s Cyber Monday splurge at Knit Picks.  I tossed a garbage can in there because I didn’t have another place to stick it.

The bottom right floor.

That’s my yarn swift, my precious.  Some miscellaneous cones of Elmore-Pisgah cotton sits on the floor because I have no where else to shove it.  That white box contains my life in pictures and other memorabilia.  The magazine rack is empty because at this moment I have no knitting mags to shove in it.  I downloaded (and lost) digital copies of my hardcopy Creative Knitting mags.  I tossed them to save space and now I have nothing!  That will soon change with a few subscriptions.  Funny we had no use for this rack until I stole it for my knitting room.  It used to sit under the snake’s tank and hold various supplies to keep it from being underfoot.  So glad now that we never tossed it.

Top right shelf.

Tubs of yarn sit on a shelf awaiting their turn.  That brown cabled strip is a remnant of my “frogged” Heirloom Afghan.  This project is why I have so many cones of brown yarn — soon to be converted into household stuffs.  Back to the picture…

My ball winder finally has a place where it will be safe from damage, right above it’s counterpart the swift.  I’ve labeled my mis-matching bins to keep track of what is in each container.  Natural fibers doesn’t include wool.  Think natural as plant.  I keep my bamboo, hemp, and other plant fibers in here.  Soft blends is primarily acrylic blends, soft because they are well soft.  I have several skeins of that blue chenille that I’m dying to get rid of.  It was a gift from my someone in my old knitting group and I would rather toss it than knit with it.  It’d make a nice blankie so I’ve held onto it for that purpose.

OMG I just realized how I’m going to get rid of this chenille yarn!  More on that later….

Top left shelf.

First I need to finish this post.  The self on the left contains my wool and sock yarn.  The two toes you can see contain odds and ends of leftover yarns and my charity knits.  No I didn’t open that wool tote for picture purposes, it really will not close.  That’s alright because I need to knit through most of my stash so I can restock.  At least half is acrylic but I plan on taking care of that with several blankets.  We’re in Florida so warmth isn’t needed and I won’t need to waste my wool on that.

I’m not going to do anything special with this space right now.  Remember my post about buying a new house?  We’re not doing any more renovations on this abode until we see what we’re going to do in the future.  We haven’t started looking because we’re waiting until we receive confirmation of something else.  I can’t really talk about it but it isn’t bad.  We’re hoping it is really good.

Here is one idea for my knitting space in the future that I’ll share now from my Pinterest boards.  Take those annoying wire shelves that I’m currently using and turn them upside down and at an angle.  I plan on spacing them out so I can have bins to store my yarn.  We don’t have issues with dust/pet dander in our house so I don’t need to keep my yarn safe.  I used to smoke, have dogs, and never-ending dust where I’ve lived in the past.  As much as I love dogs, I am not going to clean up after one again so that is that.  Dog hair gets every where and you have to *ucking clean everything every day to stop the never ending dander/hair getting everywhere. /end rant.

Flip shelf upside down and install at an angle to hold tote buckets of yarn and supplies !!
Stolen Pinterest idea from laundry to knitting room.

So there is the last post, I think, for storage on fiber related stuffs.


  1. I love how organized everything is! I really need to clean up my knitting stuff. I had to give my knitting room to Thing 2 since they require you let children sleep indoors and all that haha.


    • Pfffffft…pitch a tent and tell ’em its more fun that way. Then steal back your knitting room 😀 It’s only organized because I just moved in…and I’ve had the same yarn stash in totes since I started knitting seven years ago with a few additions over the years.


        • This was my life before the new house. I usually shoved my totes in a corner stacked up precariously on top of each other. Now that I have the space I’m never giving it back…I’ll go larger but never smaller.

          Thankfully the SO is okay with this — he thinks it is amazing what I can do with yarn.


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