Totally Pinspired

totally pinspired

LittleWhiteDove posted about how we all like to pin things on pinterest but do we ever really do any of them?

I have to admit, I’m very guilty of this.  Back when I smoked cigarettes, I’d take the iPad outside with me and just pin away.

I’ve only just gotten back into pinning, especially with the new home conversation.  While we’re waiting for something else to happen before we start looking, that doesn’t stop me from looking at stuff I want to do in Our Place.  For this I cannot wait.

You might notice a badge on my blog that matches the banner on this post.  For now this is linking to LittleWhiteDove’s post, but I’m sure this will change.

The basics of this pin-busting challenge is to, for this month only, actually do one of your pinterest projects.  Every other month, two pinterest projects is the goal.

I’ve already decided which item I’m going to create for September!

I have yarn to spare and spare cardboard lives at work. I need to find a cool font.

I bought something special for our anniversary next week.  I shall not announce anything until then because he sometimes peeks at my blog.  Honey if you’re reading this and click on the link I will killz you.  I can post a link to aforementioned item from Etsy and call this good.  Go on, click.

Now that you’ve seen the surprise, minus the fact that I still need to frame it, the pinterest project will match perfectly.  I can use the letters with the framed picture.  At least right now that is the plan.

I’m thinking of using my sparkly red yarn, purchased for miscellaneous Christmas decor.

this stuff here

(takes a bow)


  1. I “try” to do my pin projects. I am good about making the recipes I pin and the kids room decor but everything else…ummm…not so much.

    Can’t wait to see the finished gift! That is going to be so neat.


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