Shopping Trip(s)

My package arrived yesterday.  Couldn’t post about it because the SO and I made a late trip to WalMart after work.  I barely had time to shove food in my face before I was ready to call it a night.

All pretty in pink!

I opted for care labels instead of labels with my name on it.  My thought is the receiver will know who gave them this lovely item, but they may not know how to wash it.  I was recommended to mountainstreetarts by  Chasity at Purls just wanna have fun.  I went with a large pack with three options.  There are twelve labels of each pictured below.  I almost wanted to forgo the hand wash label but decided that I will be knitting some wooly items and I those are the most important to label.

care labels
Three choices

Just because I didn’t feel the need to sew a label with my name on these garments, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I spent countless hours (with swearing) to make it “just right”.  So I also purchased the knitting tags with my name.  Aren’t the sheep just adorable!!

knitting tag

Now way there is absolutely no way that the recipient will ruin their prezzie and forget who gave it to them.  I think I’m going to write a personal message on the back.  Perhaps, “Please send a picture wearing.”  I never get pictures back 😦

The SO and I took a trip to the mall last weekend.  I hate the mall.  The mall means lots of walking and shopping.  I’d rather shop online.

We were mostly browsing for shoe stores for him.  He knows exactly what pair he wants, the pair he always gets.  We already know several stores to go to in order to acquire said shoes.  He likes to shop around.

We ate lunch, walked around for a few hours, then went to leave.  The one store I wanted to visit was magically there at the exit, Hot Topics.  I have always loved their stuff and I wanted everything they had Doctor Who related.

We both ended up getting a shirt.  I’m the angel and he’s the warning.

The best part?  I got to bring home my own tardis.  Woot!


  1. OMG!! I love Doctor Who!!! I also have the black Weeping Angel shirt!! This is the best post ever lol 🙂
    I received my care labels yesterday also and I ordered the same one you did, just the small package.

    Love the Tardis! I have a Tardis magnet.


    • hehehe…I had to read that entire comment to the SO. He asked, “You posted your shirt?”

      I’m all, “Yeah, our shirts.”

      He’s all, “You’re so special.”

      I’m dying for the new season…I need my fix of timey wimey stuff.


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