How Many Miles?!?

I keep hearing of how you can download your stash from Ravelry and then calculate how many miles you have in yarn.

I have yarn shame.

About a month ago I updated my Ravelry Stash with new purchases from the past few years.  In my defense, I really haven’t bought yarn in a long while.

Last year I spent about a hundred bucks on Cyber Monday over at Knit Picks.  I picked up a few cotton cones here and there and some sparkly red holiday yarn.

This year I haven’t bought yarn at all.  The year before was the same as last year.  Just a few small purchases.

I accrued my stash in my first few years of knitting.  I didn’t start until 2006.  I know this date because it was the year my son was born.  The same year I swore I’d finally teach myself to knit.

I joined a knitting group and somehow their bad behavior in buying yarn must have rubbed off.  Whenever one decided to destash I was all over that pile like a knitter at a 99% off LYS sale.

So I downloaded the spreadsheet.  There are total yard/meter columns and remaining yard/meter columns.  I noticed that for 13 skeins I have no yardage input.  They all say “unknown synthetic” so I let it be.

I cannot believe I’m sharing this.  I will justify and say that more than half is acrylic.

I have 37,210.4 yards of yarn.  When you convert this to miles (cringe) you get 21.142045 miles.

yards to miles

I have no huge urge to destash.  I also have no urge to knit through my stash.  I quit knitting for several years and I’ve dragged the yarn behind me like an ugly stepchild.  I just didn’t have the time.  I didn’t have the space.

This blog represents my journey into knitting…again.

I like having yarn sitting around just waiting for inspiration.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to buy pretties just cause.  I’m not a newbie to this, I’ve been there done that.

This time around I want to concentrate on finishing what I started.  This is my goal.

I have several things on the needles and I will finish them all!

my yarn!


  1. Glad I am not the only one that started knitting once I had a kid. I agree I could never calculate my yarn, scary. Which with my stash being small at the moment, I guess now would be a good time if I was ever going to do it.

    I know the feeling of “My Yarn”. Haha


    • I’ve wanted to learn how to knit since I was a child. A substitute teacher brought her knitting with her, I was probably 6 or 7 at the time. No one that I ever knew knitted so when I discovered the pregnancy I decided I would learn to knit and learn I did! 🙂


      • Awesome! My grandmother tried for years to get me to knit but I was too cool for that. Then once I had Vicious I needed something to do during the day. So I learned to knit as a joke, jokes on me now haha.


  2. Repeat after me, “It’s my yarn, I bought it, I have a right to keep it. By collecting and keeping it I have prevented some other poor so-and-so from over-burdening themselves and I shall therefore bask in the glow of self-righteousness”. He he 😉


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