Today is our second anniversary.

We’re not doing anything special, just going out to dinner.

There has been some cheating, on the gifts.  Over the past few months each of us has gotten the other something and made it as an anniversary gift.  With some little somethings in between.

Two years.  Doesn’t sound like a lot to some, but for us it means everything.  This is the longest, including my marriage, relationship I’ve been in.  For him not so much but there were more short flings than long.

I haven’t taken a pic of the last small something I bought, but I did save the proof.

I bought this lovely from the Etsy store Print Me A Knot.

Just a little something to commemorate our day.  


  1. Happy Anniversary!! 2 years is awesome! Relationships are hard so any amount of time is a feat to be celebrated!
    That is a neat gift! I may check into that for our anniversary this year. My hubby likes stuff like that.

    Congrats again!! Hope you both have a great day!


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