The Contract


I don’t think I’ve ever discussed this on my blog before, but if I have indulge me.

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years.  Shortly after the first anniversary we devised a “relationship contract”.

I’m not entirely sure how it all started out, but the entire thing was verbal.  He might have joked that he was leaving me and I might have replied that he couldn’t because our anniversary renewed a one-year contract for the relationship.

This goes back to Handfasting, which is where I originally got the idea.  I figured if we weren’t going to marry then we should at least have something and so the relationship contract was born.

As time went on we’d mention the contract in humorous terms but it has come to have true meaning to our relationship.  It has no real purpose and no legality.

It does force you to think about the reality and not your current state of mind.  Several rules were developed over the past year.

The rules are:

  • We’re only allowed to leave each other on our anniversary.  You can’t just get mad in the middle of the year and call it done.
  • The contract auto-renews if you do not provide verbal or written confirmation that you do not want to renew.

That is basically it.  An auto-renewing relationship contract that gives us both the level of commitment that we’re looking for.

You may recall the prezzie I got him for our anniversary.  I finally took a real picture.

Last night I wrote this on the back:

Contract Renewal

I can’t end this post without showing you the amazing stuff he sent to my work yesterday!  I was NOT expecting this.  I might have last year or from others, but this year the expectation was never there.  Never crossed my mind.  I was completely surprised.

So I was talking on the phone with a merchant and I must have just gotten off because I was absorbed in typing notes or whatnot.  I hear the ladies in the office talking, one saying they were hers.  I didn’t question what the hub-bub was about until someone asked who’s anniversary it was.

I said, “Mine.”

The next thing I knew it I was ushered to the front door where these were waiting for me.



    • Thank you 🙂

      The flowers are supposed to last a week but I need to do some maintenance on them for that.

      Have to take them home over the weekend.


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