I saw this wheel today and fell in love. The color just appeals to me so.  I’ve definitely found myself attracted to the darker stains and at least that part of the process is done.  The finish, either with or that I do myself.  The whole idea of staining/painting your wheel is a bit intimidating.  The longer I think about it, the more I realize how doing this process myself would teach me about the wheel before my first spin.

Kromski Minstrel Mahogany

I’m not opposed to the idea of buying my wheel pre-finished, but I am calm with the other option as well.

Since I’m new to the idea of spinning, there is so much to learn.  Since I wasn’t able to purchase a wheel previously, I put the idea out of my head.  Refused the temptation and waited for a time when I could afford and have the space to accommodate such a piece.

WARNING: Eye-candy below.  I mean how amazing are these???  Totally not affordable but amazing works of art.  Golden heirloom spinning wheels. P.S. – this link takes you to their page.

Haven’t had enough yet?  Go check out this page.  I mean, WOW.  I thought those I found on the first page were amazing until I dug a bit deeper.  The dragonfly wheel near the bottom is my favorite.


I finally got enough sense to just go a little deeper and check out their other wheels.  Now the folding Golden travel wheels are just on the very last edge of affordability.  So alas it shall not be.

Now that I’ve had my fill of eye candy, I can concentrate on features that are most important to me.  I know I want the following (right now):

  • Double Drive — I’d prefer to have a single and double versatile just so I could experience them both and have the option of both.
  • Double Treadle — Just seems more natural to me than one.  Plus I like the symmetry of it.
  • Multiple Whorl options (even in additional purchases) to accommodate different ratios — I don’t know what I like to spin yet and I love all yarns from lace to bulky.  If it comes with a great ratio range that will be good enough, but I’m okay with purchasing a few extras.
  • Larger Bobbins are available — I don’t want to limit myself.  Maybe I’ll splurge in the future.  Can’t I just spin with plying bobbins?
  • Castle Style — but I’m not opposed to Saxony.  Modern would be great only if carved.

I always knew there were so many choices, I just didn’t realize the extent of it I guess.  I’m looking forward to exploring my options over the next few months.  I’m thinking of this as a Christmas present to myself.

I’ve waited too long and I’m ready to create my own yarns.


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