Busy Fun Weekend

I’ve had a busy weekend with little to no time to blog.  I did get a bit of knitting done because of the nature of the busy weekend, however I see the missed opportunities clearer.

Saturday was Mom day.  My boyfriend had to work for a few hours in the morning, which worked out well because each of us wanted to have a quick visit with our moms.

I sat and knit in the work van while he was doing his thing.  Finished my first ball of yarn on the Clapotis.  Started in on the straight sections.  I think all in all, now that the weekend is finished, I’ve knit at least another four inches on it.  Most of this is in the straight sections of the pattern, so it’s not as fun as the quick, sort beginning rows.

I think I have 20-something markers in place, which is more than called for in the pattern.  I wanted it to be as large as my yarn could make it.  So four balls = one ball each for the increase and decrease sections and the final two balls as the straight section.  I gave myself a little leeway on the first ball to start in the straight section.  Just in case another ball is shorter in yardage.

We took my old laptop to his mother.  Her desktop runs very slow and she gave her tablets to her grandkids.  We’re currently looking into a viable tablet/laptop that can used as both or decent hybrid of the two.  In the meantime, I created a new user account on my old lappy and filled it with elephants.  She loves the creature and I have a fondness for it too.  So I pre-loaded google-image-searched elephants and turned them into a slideshow desktop background.

The hardest part of this trip was getting the wifi to connect.  There were four passwords it could be and after trying them all, only one let me on the home network — but not on the internet.  We did a few power cyclings and settings adjustments.  Finally it just started working.  We spent the next few hours just talking.  Time just slipped by.  I even pulled out my Clapotis to show it’s loveliness, but I never knit one stitches.  Three hours of blissful knitting lost.

We were visiting our mothers to share some exciting news.  I’d forewarned my mother.  Something along the lines that I have some good news to share, in person.  But I’m not pregnant.  Since our second anniversary just passed she guessed that we were engaged.  Taking our contract to the next level.

We shared it with his mother first and it was somewhat worked into the conversation.  It is rare to catch Lady (as my boyfriend calls his mother — it is very darling) by herself.  I can see where her son gets his humor and sociability.  It’s one of the many reasons I love him so, his uncanny ability to make me laugh.

My mother, knowing the real reason for our visits, almost immediately asked what the news was.  We told her.  We’re going to buy a house together.  Her comment?  That it was a bigger contract than our current annual one.  The boyfriend crashed on her recliner sofa and watched some house flipping show.  My mom and I chatted the entire time and he kinda zoned us out.  She’s selling her house and buying another.  In her case the move is required and not all aspects of it are very fun.

I’d originally wanted Mexican food on our anniversary date night.  It’s something we both enjoy and there was a new place we had wanted to try.  We ended up at Outback.  My mom said she knew of a fantastic Mexican place and we took separate vehicles to get there.  This way she could go home and we could start our hour journey home.  Hence the reason for the visits, we live farther away and it isn’t always easy to make the trip down.

The food was amazing.  I knew it was going to be good when I walked in and saw the decor.  I regret not taking pictures.  In my defense, I only realized the battery was low earlier that morning while snapping shots of my Clapotis.  The battery was dead.  Another missed knitting time as well.  I didn’t even bring in my project bag to my mom’s to knit on.

So we ate and said our goodbyes and drove to our separate homes.  It was very late so we weren’t able to fully finish errand day.  I like doing errands one day and just relax and do whatever another.  It was around 8pm getting home last night and there was absolutely no way we were going to crap any errands before bedtime.  Since we knew that Sunday was going to be full, we lazed up Saturday night.  Went to bed slightly earlier than weekend normal and got up at 8am.

We had to go out for breakfast, because we still hadn’t gone grocery shopping.  I didn’t have the right ingredients on hand to cook breakfast.  It was decided to do groceries last since they aren’t durable.

After breakfast, we had planned various shopping and a hair cut for him.  I got some knitting done while he was in the waiting room.  We’d stopped by our storage unit before, but since the office was closed we were unable to empty our unit and turn in the key.  We have extra space and wanted to get the stuff out before our next billing cycle.  So he’ll be tackling that chore alone after work on Monday.

We drove around a bit after breakfast because nothing was open before 11am.  We parked outside one but with thirty minutes to wait I didn’t want to waste the time even if I was knitting.  We found a Michaels and bought a frame for my anniversary gift to him.  A few stores down, and the real reason for this shopping trip, was some new shoes.  I got a pair of comfy sandals and these really awesome Sketcher Go Walk brand sneakers.  He picked up a pair of his go-to shoes for wearing to work.

We got a call from his boss while we were waiting for him to get his hair cut.  We had to go to his shop because they were rearranging.  He was needed in order to cable up the technology since they were adding computers with the reconfigure.  It wasted our entire afternoon.  By 3pm we finally dashed out and took off for another shoe store.  We both like Sketchers brand and he really needed to replace his other pairs as well.  We ended up finding two awesome pairs and he walked out happy and comfy.

It was hitting 5pm by the time we approached home and started the hated grocery shopping.  It was the worst end to the day because we were both tired and beat from all the walking/standing all day.  Some lady in front of us was paying for her groceries with WIC checks and the line we thought was short turned into a long affair.  They had two bag boys taking the stuff she wanted to buy and replaced it with stuff that qualified.  It was like standing in line and having someone do your shopping while you wait — except we were behind waiting for our turn.

Finally we made our escape and here I sit at 9pm typing out this post.  We ended up going home where I needed to finish up the laundry.  Still not done, waiting for one more load to dry.

I spent a few moments researching my new craft.  I updated my spinning wheel page a bit this weekend and added the following tidbits.

My wheel choices, those I like best, in no particular order:

I’ve been reviewing books, and I like these best.  Might check out in person before I buy.


  1. Heavens – that was a busy weekend! I hear you about hating the grocery shopping. Seems like the moms took it well about the next level of the contract. 🙂 Now, how are you going to find time to look at houses?


    • We’re in no rush so we have all the time in the world. Our current abode is a month-to-month lease and the landlords love us.

      I imagine we’ll have to set aside some of our weekends to go looking. Right now it sounds like such fun. I’ve never gone house shopping!


      • I think it is fun – and if you have any modular home builders near you, it is fun to go look at the models, to get ideas of what you want in the house you finally get.


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