Knitting Night 2?

Yeah, so…I lied.

I didn’t knit one stitch last night.  Once Upon a Time was just too good to knit anything I had on the needles.

Tonight though, I must knit.  I kinda somewhat sort joined an MKAL.  Twelve dishcloths in a month.

Don’t worry, I have a scapegoat in mind.  It is all her fault for mentioning the words “dishcloth” and “knit-a-long”.

So I’m on the first row.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow.  Time to go get serious!

This is total stash-busting for my cotton yarns.  I don’t care what color we’re advised to use, I’m just going in and grabbing whatever!


In the spirit of the KAL...
In the spirit of the KAL…


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