Knitting Night

Lots of premieres to catch up on so I’m spending tonight on the couch.

Don’t worry, I’ll put a fresh battery in my camera and bore you with pictures tomorrow.

If I ever owned a yarn shop, it would be Doctor Who themed.
If I ever owned a yarn shop, it would be Doctor Who themed.

I’m anxiously awaiting Doctor Who, however I want to wait until the boyfriend is all caught up.  We still have one more epi on Hulu and I think we’re missing 5-6 that’ll he’ll have to find online.

We’re both hoping for those epis to magically appear on Netflix or Hulu sometime before/just after the new season starts.  I’ll let the new ones queue and wait for him.

It’ll be nice to finally watch brand new (or unwatched) episodes together.  I’ve already seen them all and I got him addicted, so this is my second time ’round.  It is amazing how many episodes fade after time.  My first go ’round was fast because I watched everything up to the last two seasons in one weekend.  I still have the original Doctor Who’s all queued up in Netflix.  They are on my “soon to watch” list and the “to see over time” list.

What is the show you’ve been anxiously awaiting the most?  If it has started already, was the season première all that you hoped it would be?


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