Weekend Knitting

I finally received my Knit Picks yarn order.  I took some pics to share, however the camera doesn’t want to cooperate in releasing them for use.

So I snapped some pics with my cell phone.  It turned the green into blue, so I had to use a Flickr filter to fix the bad coloration.

Ravelry: CrazyPurls’ JD Tractor Hat is done.  I wove in the ends and I’m at a crossroads regarding the braided ties at the bottom of the ear flaps.  Not sure if I’m going to include those or not.  Definitely not going to add the other little touches the designer included.

I was caught up on the momentum of the hat.  So I cast on the mittens I’d planned for.  Hopefully I’ll finish the one mitt tonight and cast on the other.  Ravelry: CrazyPurls’ JD Gloves, the pattern is simple and easy to follow.  Easy to add whatever embellishments you’d like.  I’m going with plain.  I might knit another pair and alternate the colors and do a green rib and yellow mitten.  Time shall tell.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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