Bite my Thumb

…or just knit one instead.

Since I finished up mitt two last night and did it’s thumb, tonight it is all about the first mitt’s thumb.

So off I go to pick up a few stitches and knit twelve quick rows.  Then done.

The real question, is what will I be knitting to?  I have no idea but new seasons and series starting gives me lots of wonderful choices!

If I cannot watch Once Upon a Time, which I think I can because it airs on Sundays and will be available for tonight, then perhaps I’ll watch it’s spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  

I think Revolution has a new episode, and I have lots of those quick comedy shows.  I’m not in a laughing mood tonight, I feel dark.  Halloween is approaching and I have a trip to Halloween Horror Nights this Friday.  

I want to set the mood.  That and prepare myself for the heart-stopping scares in store for me.  I love horror and take it well.  On rare occasions I get nightmares, but they have more to do with real life anxieties than horror-related “the monster is going to get me” films.

I’m excited and I can’t wait to document the entire event.  Who know, I may come back with a tattoo or two!  We’re going to Spooky Empire Sat/Sun and the biggest event will be the tattoo festival for us.  He wants to get a few celebrity autographs, which I’m okay with.  

I need to find a portable knitting project for the trip.  We will be standing in lots of lines and we’ll have tons of idle time.  It’ll be dark as well so easy to read with fingers is essential as is lightweight.  

I don’t have anything planned with that criteria, but I’m thinking a few dishcloths.  Grandmother’s Favorite, since I can do this one in my sleep.  I’m down to three and I don’t know how.

I like to use pure white cotton yarn because I bleach my cloths and they look new every time I use them.  I have a few cones stored away that I’ll need to wind off into balls.

We’re going to be taking (buying somewhere beforehand) a small comfy backpack that holds our necessary items and maintains comfortable wearing.  Since we’ll be going at night, I don’t need to drag all of my “allergic to the sun” items along with.  I’ll resort to a fanny pack if I must, no jokes.

I’m telling you all about my weekend because I don’t think I’ll get a chance to post until I get back.  Sure it is on Monday, but I have a week full of next weekend’s chores and packing to do.

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