Vacation Starts Now!

…not really.

Cause it’s 11pm and I have a ton left to do.

Last load is in the washer.  Dishes are done but kitchen needs wiping down.

Luggage waiting, but nothing packed.

So, as a knitter, the first thing I am going to do is pack my yarn.  Before I can do that, I need to wind it off the cones and into cakes.  I think 2-3 will suffice.  

It takes me one hour to knit a Grandmother’s Favorite dishcloth.  Since most of my knitting will be done standing up, I want something light, easy, and small.  I know I probably won’t knit a stitch, but I’d rather have it in case.  Lines are boring.

Something just hit me.  I haven’t Googled one yarn shop!  I’m being so negligent.  I cannot believe how foolish I’ve been this entire time!  


This will be the last you hear from me (maybe) until Monday when I resurface.  If I feel like blogging it’ll mostly be photos.

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