Long Time No See

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. It has been a few weeks since my last post, but I have been very busy in that time.

Truthfully I’ve cheated on my blog with Twitter. It is just too easy to post updates.

There has been a lot of knitting on Brendan’s sweater. We bought a new washer & dryer and bed (yay). So the washer actually spins and I can sleep all night without tossing and turning.

Christmas came early for us this year. Since we already bought lots of big stuff we decided to forgo giving each other anything this year. I will insist upon a tree (real) and getting gifts for everyone else.

I can’t forget to share the most important news. I’m engaged!

Just a quick post tonight. I’ll post the entire engagement story soon.

The main stone is a pink sapphire.



        • Omg me too! I refused to get a diamond ring. It pissed of the first saleswoman we spoke to. She asked his budget…he said none. I said I didn’t want a diamond and so she proceeded to pull out a 10k diamond to show me first.
          We walked out.


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