You Have Mail


I love getting packages in the mail. I ordered a few items from Etsy several weeks ago and they started arriving this week.

The first is our first Christmas ornament as a couple. Upon opening it, I decreed that our tree will be gaming/geek themed.

Next are some stitch markers I bought from FloopsStitchMarkers. I have found that I dislike the markers I use now because they catch on my knitting and destroy stitches. Hopefully these fit the bill.

Next up is a gift for a coworker, a TARDIS car emblem.  His wife’s gift hasn’t arrived yet.  

I ordered a lot of fun stuff on Black Friday at KnitPicks. Even though I’m not on a yarn diet, I wasn’t even tempted to buy any. I’d just finished going through my yarn stash and organizing it. There are so many lovelies in it that if I added more they would be to have and never use. I want yarn I’ll use.

I bought ALL the stuffs.

You see, I’ve been on the fence regarding interchangeable cable needles. I bought the Nickel and Harmony sets back in Feb 2008. Since then I’ve realized that the cables pull out from the needles very easily and I really dislike wasting cables. I was going to buy a set Addi Click Long Lace OR upgrade my KnitPicks with new cables. I decided to stick with what I had and spend the extra monies I set aside for the Addi set on other stuff I needed (wanted).

I’ve emptied my old knitting bag. It’ll be tossed because it is all ripped up inside and out. It has served me since I first bought it my original needle order back in 2008. So I don’t feel guilty for tossing it after almost six years (in Feb 14).

I present my new knitting bag!

The front. Two clear plastic zipper compartments.

The back. It is called a pattern holder so that is what I put in there.

All my stuffs on the inside.  You can see pockets on the inside back there, but I haven’t found a use for them. They are made to hold scissors and the like.

The other inside-side, not shown in the above pictures, has nine mesh pockets that I’ve stuffed full of stuff. My care labels, T Pins, beads, buttons, misc items.


Chic-a Needle Satchel

The top section holds misc fixed needles, mostly size 2. One per pocket.
The middle section holds my new cables — sizes 24, 32, 40, 47.
The bottom section holds my new 16″ fixed cable needles — sizes 6, 7, 8, 9.

My new needle case. It took me a while to figure out how to organize this because I have two full sets of interchangeables from size 4 to 17 PLUS I bought two extra sets of size 7 and 8 in Nickle and Harmony because I’m always short on those sizes.

This case is a nice upgrade from the plastic one I’ve used for so many years. It doesn’t have labels and I might buy some but not sure at this point.

I also bought a set of Nickle DPNs because the fixed circulars I have fail. Never buy Harmony in these small sizes or they will break.

I bought two new notions bags and doubles of everything unless I already had one.   This way one notion bag stays at home in my project bag and the other is portable. You may think me crazy, but when you have to dig your notions bag out of the car in the middle of the night to get your needle sizer you realize two notions bags is smart.

Paper, pen, bent tip tapestry needles, split ring stitch markers, view sizer, 4 end caps and cable key, coil needle holders, needle point protectors, steeking scissors, retractable tape measure, floop stitch markers, yarn stranding guide, yarn cutter, emergency fix keychain.

I recycled this from my old knitting bag. It is nice and durable.  The stuff inside had no other logical home so they went in here.

Calculator, elastic thread, my old yarn cutter, misc stitch markers, abacus bracelet, pencil with eraser and sharpener, space pen, extra needles.

LOVE this Namaste bag. It was on sale and that is the only reason I bought it. I knew I’d put extra crochet hooks in here. This bag is very sturdy and not smooshy, but soft and big inside (triangular from the side).

My old size 4 bamboo DPNs, my new stitch holders in various sizes, an old cable needle I don’t use because I can cable without one, and extra/large crochet hooks.

This was my old notions bag. I decided to keep my interchangeable needle related items in here.

Needle size ID tags, end caps, cable connectors, and extra keys. Since I bought so many new cable and each comes with a key I saved the extras. They are easy to lose and better than anything else really.


    • Thanks! I decided to not get a spinning wheel so I’m slowly going through the funds. I haven’t bought knitting supplies for five years, just yarn.


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