Posting Schedule

I used to post a lot.  Daily, sometimes more than once.  Now that the newness has worn off I’ve been posting less.

I’m also busier than I used to be.  My blogging started right around when Mike and I stopped playing WoW.  I had gotten really into knitting and didn’t have time in my short evening to game, knit, and catch up on my shows.  So I stopped gaming.

Well, gaming has returned.  I’m a five-year veteran player of WoW.  I’ve done the hard-core, the guild and raid leading.  It was fun but I also had no other life.  I think I’ve found a nice balance.  

I’ll knit/watch tv Tue and Thurs.  Mon/Wed/Fri + Sat/Sun will be for gaming.  I’ll also post no less than once a week.  

I think I can manage.  The post I published yesterday was a draft last Monday.  All I did was add some pictures and complete the posting with my new bag stuffs.  I usually share the smaller stuff with other social media.


  1. I find it is difficult to game and pursue my crafty interests (on top of all my other responsibilities) and so I’ve had to give up the former. I realised I would rather spend my hours making something tangible, but oh how fun it was to run around in a virtual world (in my case, Telara – Rift). Maybe when the girls are less reliant on me, I will be able to venture back into the games.


    • I gave up knitting and I gave up gaming at one time or another. I realized, finally, that I need to not focus on one and learn to manage my time for both.

      Your family is beautiful. When I first happened upon your blog I was curious and went back as far as I could to review the history. Enjoy the time with them, gaming is always there 🙂


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