Catch Up

So I guess I should post here at some point before the new year slaps me in the face.

I finished Brendan’s Sweater.  Here are a few pictures before I shipped it off and of him wearing it on Christmas day.

Just off the needles with ends woven in.  I found some great articles on this topic and will have share them again.  I actually enjoyed the weaving in.  I machine washed/dried as I would any of my own clothes.  It came out so soft.

I shipped this so it would arrive Christmas Eve.  He opened it on Christmas day, even though I’d told him a few weeks ago that I was making it.

Any thoughts I might have had of this not fitting were wrong.  As you can see it fits as though I took his measurements and knit accordingly.  I haven’t seen him since earlier this year, but boys this age grow fast.  He tends to grow long and tall so I made sure I had plenty of length.

Here he is outside modeling the sweater, hat, and gloves I made.  I’m glad they all seem to fit him good.  I’ll have to start planning next year’s sweater now because I want to do some fancy cables.

That is all I have for knitting updates.  I’ve had a busy week.  We went to Universal Florida and had a blast this last weekend.  We drove up Saturday night and arrived at around 10pm and went straight to City Walk.

Our first stop was Margaritaville.  We (I) had two blender margarita rounds and we all toasted with a shot.  This place was closing and boring so we moved on.

I don’t remember the name of this place.  I know I had a Jaggerbomb and some other mixed drink, but beyond that it was all a happy blur.  We had a blast and shut down City Walk at 2am.

I won’t mention the rest of the night as I ignored my rule about tequila.  We don’t get along very well and it always makes me so sick I wanna go to the ER.  

We got up bright and early the next day to attack Universal.  We all had to wait in the eternal lines to get tickets.  Mike and I officially have our season passes, so we can go anytime we want.

First step, brunch.  We’d had a late night and needed to fuel up for the long day.  Since we wanted to do Simpsons and it was close to the gate, we went here first to find a nom spot.  

I had to wait to take this picture for at least five minutes and was losing my group.  Some mother took so many pictures of her son in front of Jebediah that I wanted to slap her and send her on her merry way.  It was annoying.  I didn’t bother waiting for the staff member to move lol.

Good noms to be had here.  I was more interested in the water, but the chicken thumbs with tots was good.

Nope, beer is all gone.

First ride of the day.  My last.  The night before wasn’t kind and my stomach was wishy washy so I sat out for the rest of the day.  Great thing about annual passes is you don’t have to worry about missing out on a trip.

Just us waiting in line ❤  We don’t take couple pictures that often and so I am always insisting upon couple-selfies these days.  I need to have some record of our life together that I can look back on in later years 🙂

I stopped taking a lot of pictures at this point because Mike and I waited outside the rides for everyone else.  He was in a cast and I was just recovering.  I was also holding onto my umbrella for dear life because I burn even with sunblock on.  Makes it hard to wander around and snap random pics.

We took a break around 2pm because some of our party wanted to do Fear Factor Live.  The event was somewhat awesome and I took a video of the gross food part that our group won.

Reserved seating up front for those who are family and friends of those on the show.

I’m very disappointed in the fact that I decided to take an 18 minute long video of the Macy’s parade, but somehow it didn’t’ save.  So all I hae are these two pictures of the entire thing.  Both before the actual parade and my video started.

We happened upon great spots right next to VIP (under the awning there) that I had to help stand in for over an hour to save room for the entire party.  I got snappy with some dude who thought he could just push me out of the way, but beyond that it was enjoyable.

Christmas Eve we drove down to see the family and did our bad santa exchange.  I wasn’t into taking pictures so you’ll have to use your imagination.

So now you’re all caught up to yesterday.  Today was just a bland day full of catch up work.


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