We Set the Date

Let me start off by apologizing for the long picture-less post as my first for the new year.  Also, you’ll find no resolutions or promises here as I don’t take part in that particular tradition.

Amidst all the holidays, we managed to set a date for our wedding.  Originally we wanted it to be on our anniversary.  In 2014 September 24th is a Wednesday.  That is no good.  I refuse to be a bride that puts her guests at a disadvantage.  If I invite you, the day I set for my wedding shouldn’t cause you to not attend.

If I couldn’t have the anniversary, I wanted it to be after, not before, it’s occurrence.  No way am I going to get married just a few days shy of our third anniversary as a couple.  I didn’t want to be “almost” together for three years before we wed.  There should be some certainty to this.  We were friends for a year, dated a year before moving in together, and lived together for two before tying the knot — one spent as BF/GF and the other spent as engaged.  No “almost” about it.  We didn’t plan our relationship this way, major events around our anniversary.  But it does make for some easy division of time so I’ll continue that tradition into our marriage 🙂

So we settled on October 4, 2014.  The plan for Sept 27th crashed and burned when it was realized local family had plans to go out of town for another wedding.  When Mike realized our date was a cool reference to “10-4 good buddy” he was all in plus some.  I’m happy with the date as well, it has a certain cool look to it: 10.04.14 — add the first two numbers to get the year.

The biggest issue we’ve (I’ve) had is determining how many people we’re inviting so I can budget and plan accordingly.  I also wanted to settle on the theme so I could being formulating ideas.  The idea is if we’re going with a theme, I want this communicated with my Save the Date cards and in order to create and mail those I need to know to whom.

My original guess was 25-50, because I was thinking local family and friends only.  Easy and affordable on a DIY budget.  I finally cornered Mike and made him hand over his guest list.  His invitee’s alone were over 50 so I upped the attendees to 100 and didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt by adding everyone I wanted.  I have a small family but a large community of friends.

I set our budget to 5k because I refuse to go overboard and just waste our nest egg on a party.  We’re footing the bill and this means we (I) make all the decisions and no one can try and blackmail me into something because they are paying for the event.  I can throw a hell of a party for that amount of money.  It just means I get to be crafty and shop around for the best deals!  This budget is for the wedding and reception, I don’t need to include our personal clothing or jewelry because that is absurd when referring to how much it cost to host the events.

Now that the date and numbers were out of the way, the theme wasn’t settling with me.  Originally I wanted it to be geeky and associated with our life together.  A large part of this is World of Warcraft.  Since only 1% of those attending would even appreciate our geekiness, I went for a theme based on the movie “Up”.  I was excited because I foresaw balloons and cheap decor because it really was a simple theme.

While I was happy with “Up” I wasn’t really.  I couldn’t find the right Save the Date or Invitations.  So I went back.  I decided that since this was our wedding that celebrated our life together, then we’ll make it personal to us.  So we’re going with a World of Warcraft theme.  I won’t go heavy because the guests just wouldn’t understand.  I’m bursting with ideas that if everyone played the game would be amazing.  So while I cannot have our entire wedding party take part in a mock raid, I can incorporate the game into our ceremony and decor without overwhelming anyone.

P.S. — This is still a knitting blog that will be kidnapped on occasion for wedding related DIY and venting.  I hope you stick around because I’d love your opinions as I go through this process.


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