On the Needles

Now that Brendan's Sweater is done, I can move on to other projects. The problem is I don't know what project to start or finish.

I have several on the needles that are in progress. Elephant Socks for MIL, Teach Cardi for me, and Couch Afghan for me. All sitting nice and cozy under my coffee table waiting for me to pick them back up again.

I was caught up on the momentum of the sweater that I wanted to make another one for him. I went a bit crazy this morning bought this eBook because it had so many boy sweaters that are too adorably awesome.

Of course making any of these lovelies means I need to buy more yarn. I'm not opposed to this in the least bit but since I don't have a deadline project in the works I feel the need to finish something that has waited around for a while.

Hey Teach! was started four years ago and while I love the pattern and would appreciate the warmth of the cardi at work it just hasn't been a priority. Honestly I'm 100% lost on where I am in the pattern and I'm too lazy to review everything.

The only good news is I know what needle size to use! As I pulled it out and laid it on my lap, the soft warm knitted fabric just called me to.

Maybe I will pick this one back up again. It's about time I knit something for myself…

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