I’ve been a bad blogger.  It has been almost a month since my last post!

This is very bad because I enjoy blogging.

I think most of it is I find WordPress hard to use.  Don’t get me wrong, it is very easy to type out a delightful post filled with words, but I find the need to add pictures is what causes the issue.

I use my phone and it takes great pictures.  From there I have to upload them to either my computer or Flickr.  Technically once my phone hits wi-fi it automatically uploads to my cloud.  I also manually have to upload to Flickr.  From there I need to edit the size so it fits on my blog and copy links.

Overall, really not a big deal, but when you’re as busy as I’ve been I just don’t have the time!  My weekends have been filled with family visits and my week nights filled with working late and passing out on the couch.

Not much knitting has been achieved.  My last post was about a ballband dishcloth that turned into a floor mop/pad thing.  I had every intention of publishing a pattern for it, it really did come out wonderful, but I lost my notes!

Other than that quick project, I haven’t really knit much.  I have been working on Ravelry: CrazyPurls’ Hey Teach!, but whatever progress I’ve made on the right front has been unraveled several times since.

The biggest reason why I haven’t posted is World of Warcraft.  I’m in the process of leveling five toons to level 90, three via Recruit a Friend and two via giving levels from the RaF bonuses.  I’m up to doing four farms a day and those are usually done in the AM before I leave for work.  After work the fiance and I do random whatever-needs-to-be-done.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a game is all fun and games.  Our World of Warcraft life is a full-time job.  We do get enjoyment out of it, but some days it is just exhausting to log in and realize you’d rather be knitting but you have to log in and do cooldowns or whatever.

Don’t worry, I know many of my followers are rolling their eyes at the last few paragraphs because you don’t play.  I’m not changing my blog format just explaining why I’m not around.

If only I could knit and play, but I have one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard.  Perhaps I can learn to knit with my feet?  …

Hopefully I’ll have a post about knitting soon!  In the meantime, check out my newest board, Knit Techniques | Pinterest.  I’m using it to keep track of the many cast-on/bind-off, seaming, and knitting brilliance I find.


  1. I find WordPress on the computer a bit much to use but I Absolutely love the WordPress app on my phone. I do most posts on my phone in car rider line or during naps.
    WoW seems to be all consuming once you enter that world. I try to steer clear. I know lots of people who love it!


    • I hate the Window’s phone app. It is even harder to use than the computer. I should have went with a Droid phone lol, but the 41MP camera was hard to pass up on!


  2. I’m fascinated by WoW. I’d be really interested to know whether when you mention it being a full time job if you earn an income from it or whether it’s just you need to keep your characters up with the game? Do you mind me asking what a farm is (is that a really dozy question?) and what a cool down is? I know this is a knitting blog but as you mentioned I thought I’d take the chance to ask!


    • I don’t mind answering!

      It is a full-time job because it is very time consuming! I spend about 3-4 hours at a minimum a weekday and probably 10-12 hours each weekend day. I don’t make money on it (I wish). Between the fiance and myself we spend about $100 a month on subscriptions and enhancements.

      The farm is a literal farm. Each toon, at the appropriate level, can unlock a farm from which you can plant vegetables or profession mats.

      We do the latter because we each have quite a few max level toons with max level professions and their cooldowns (i.e. really leet mats that we can make once a day for really leet gear with these professions) take a lot of materials that are easier to plant on the farm than go out and find.

      Each farm takes about ten minutes to harvest, till, and plant and a full farm is eight plots. We plant things like minerals and cloth. I have four farms now and he has six. I’ll soon have nine and he’ll have ten once we level our final toons. I’ll probably only keep six or so in essence of saving time…just enough mats for daily cooldowns and nothing else.


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