Devils and Details: America’s Knitting Underbelly

So I gained a new follower today and as usual when this occurs I checked their blog to see if I’d like to return the favor.

Check him out, I think my fellow obsessed knitters will appreciate the humor in the post I’m reblogging!

I was left amused and obviously hit the follow button. This is unusual because I only follow other knitting blogs. I hope you enjoy his humor as much as me.

TC Creative

A growing obsession overlooked by the mainstream is plaguing suburbia at an cat-wearing-sweater--large-msg-130592658314alarming rate: knitting. I guess it begins harmlessly enough, darning a sock when nobody’s there like Eleanor Rigby. But then it grows into a debilitating illness. Take for instance Deloris Clark. She’s 52 and her cats have a bigger wardrobe than most American children. Or take Norris Berkowitz who is allergic to wool but can’t stop knitting. His hands and face swell up every day beyond the point of recognition. These are just a few of the stories I uncovered as I delved deeper into the corrosive world that is knitting. It’s not just for your Granny anymore.

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