Mike’s been sick since Sunday evening.  Monday morning I put together a soup in the crock pot to simmer all day while I was away at work.  We had the soup for dinner again on Tuesday.  Rather, he had the soup and I tried to make due on Greek yogurt.  I ended up with ramen noodles cooked a-la-egg.  To explain my wacky method, I boil the noodles and drain.  I beat the seasoning mix with eggs (one per package).  I put the noodles back in the pan, toss the seasoned egg mixture on the noodles and cook until the egg is done.  Yum!

Back to soup.  It was put away by Mr. Sick Monday night by putting the crock pot in the fridge.  I was too tired to put it in Tupperware so I didn’t argue.  Hence soup on Tuesday.  I had no crock pot to cook in the next morning.  Tonight I was starving.  Dim sum was calling my name.  Mention Chinese buffet around Mike and he’s walking out the door a minute later ready to go.  It felt good to sit down to dinner.

The picture displays the goodies we received.  We tip well and I guess the guy who operates the Mongolian grill was so happy that he brought over some sushi made just for us, unasked for.  Before we left he handed us the chopsticks wrapped in plastic and all of these sweets.  The sushi was good and we’ll put the chopsticks to good use.  We enjoy using them.  I’m a beginner and he was born with them in hand.  We already have a set, but these will work lovely because I like square ones.  Easier for me to use.

I’ll bravely try the sweets and report back.


  1. Oh yum! My mum was friends with the owner of the Chinese restaurant in town, and I never had the opportunity to order. She’d always bring me something that wasn’t on the menu, and it spoiled me in regards to Chinese-American food. Enjoy the special treats. 🙂

    And since I am prone to ramble… Have you knit with square needles? I picked up a couple for my bunny (only because they were available in the special UK sizes). I’m not sure if I’m a fan yet, but people tend to really like them.


    • I tend to ramble too 🙂

      I’ve never knit with them and only recently discovered their existence when I was looking to replace my knit picks sets.

      I’ll probably check them out and see if I like their feel. Be easier to hold and maybe help with slick yarn. I certainly have a better grip on square chopsticks over round lol.


  2. My husband and I have some friends from China who brought back candy for everyone to try after they’d taken a trip back home. Our favorite flavors were shrimp and corn. Have fun! 🙂


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