Liebster Blog Award

I logged in today to discover that I’d been nominated for an award!  Since this is the second, I figured I’d create a new page to display them.

I was nominated by naptimethoughts.  You should check her out!  I recently discovered her blog, I think she might have stumbled upon mine first or I found her by visiting another.  Regardless, she’s full of wit and honesty.  I hope you enjoy her antics as much as I do!


The Rules:

As any blog award, this one comes with a few rules.  Who am I kidding, I get to make the rules!  Of course, I do have to follow the rules of naptimethoughts since she nominated me, but who wouldn’t as they are pretty cool.  The fun is I get to make my own rules/questions for those I nominate 🙂

Let’s get started!

The questions I have to answer for this Liebster:

The theme was “Which of your followers would? (and why?)”  The rule I have to follow is: “Please provide a link to the page of whichever follower serves as your answer.” Oh, and, “Have fun!”

If something horrible happened to you, and you lay bleeding on the side of the road, which of your followers would:

  1. use their hands, feet and face to staunch the bleeding? Chasity at Purls just wanna have fun
  2. step gingerly over the pools of your blood and stand by your side while the paramedics came?  Rachel at allnightknits
  3. run to your aid while writing a post on what’s happening at the same time? LittleWhiteDove
  4. reach into their mom purse and have everything she needed to treat your injuries on the spot? Trish at A Bunch of Everything

These were very hard to do and I have to admit that none of my followers fit perfectly into the above categories, so enjoy the free publicity 🙂  All of you have received the Liebster in the past, but I wanted you to be a part of this post!  I’m confident that if you did find me bleeding on the side of the road (and didn’t run me over to begin with!) that you’d do at least one of the above and not leave me in misery.  😀

To pass on the Liebster, I nominate:

Since the idea of these awards is paying it forward, I nominate the writers of these blogs.  One of the major “rules” of handing out the Liebster award is to new bloggers or those with limited followers.  I kept this in mind but certainly went with anyone who I thought was overall cool and deserved a quick spotlight.  I may not reach many people but exposure is everything and that is the true point of this award.  Perhaps you’ll find someone new to follow 🙂  I know I did!

So, in no particular order, the nominees are:

Questions Nominees Have to Answer (on their own blog):


This is actually the hardest part!  I don’t have a list I can just paste because there is no “list” with this award.  I have to make it up or ruthlessly steal it from another source.

Oh, wait, I have an idea (or two)!  If your name is listed under the nominees, then you have to answer these questions on your blog and nominate some of your own followers.  The best part?  You get to make up the questions like I’m doing now!

  1. What is your favorite FO (favorite object) from any craft and why?
  2. What is your UFO (ugliest finished object) from any craft and why?
  3.  We all have that intimidating project we love and adore but could never imagine actually creating it because we don’t feel worthy.  Mine is Magickal Earth Shawl, what’s yours?
  4. What is your favorite crafting tool and why?

EXTRA CREDIT: Post a picture of the above items!

Now go forth and pass on the magic that is this award and pass it on to your followers.  There is no preset number requirement so do what works for you!


  1. Hey, thanks for the nomination, I’m really honored! I hope you won’t mind if I don’t respond to it quickly – things are a bit hectic for the moment, and I just can’t seem to find the time. Take care, and keep posting!


  2. Lol… Love it! Yes, I would definitely reach into my mom bag to treat you. Hmmmm…. Bandaid? Hair tie? Sewing kit? Advil? Lip gloss? Tissues? Lolololol.
    Thanks for the mention! 🙂 congrats on the award!


    • Thanks and you’re welcome! I tried to pick questions that I’d love answering without too much annoyance. The hardest part is picking follows for the nominations! I wanted to choose them all but that would have made for a long post lol.


  3. Oh, wow, thanks for mentioning my blog. I have to question your judgement though because I’m so not worthy! I will be checking out your list of bloggers and will get around to answering those questions because I love talking about knitting (and crafting in general), or truth be told, that I love talking.


    • You’re very worthy! I find you inspirational and wish more people had your attitude. Honestly, you remind me of me…especially since we both love talking 🙂


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