Blogging News

So I got a new tablet that will help me blog.  This wasn’t the reason I got it, but it works wonderfully.

You see, I have a Windows phone that I bought because it has an amazing camera, 42mp to be exact.  This phone automatically backs up my photos, but to OneDrive when I’d like it to be Flickr since I have always stored my photos there.  OneDrive is great actually but just like Flickr it makes it a tediuous process to post on the computer.

My tablet is Droid, which I love as a platform.  The apps are complete.  To make matters worse, I also have another tablet, the original iPad.  So I have all three mobile platforms.  When I bought my iPad I got the one with the least amount of space and wifi only, so no connecting to a cell network.

What my post it getting at is now I can snap a photo on my phone and add it to my blog when using the Droid tablet with the press of a button. Since the new tablet uses my cell network, I can do thiswhile on my lunchbreak or even while knitting or watching tv.

The good news is you’ll hear from me more often.  The bad news is you may hear from me too much.  Especially now that I turned off autopublish to Facebook.   I did that so I would be comfortable sharing the nitty gritty without my Facebook friends stalking me.  I can use the blog for what it was intended for, speaking my mind without fear of hurting someone.  More Dear Diary and less sugarcoating.

The only exception is my fiance.  He already knows all the things and still wants to marry me in two weeks.  In fact, we chose out wedding bands yesterday at Jared.  I had wanted to engrave them with Soulbound, as in our game life when you put on equipment it is soulbound and no one else can use it.  His can’t be engraved because of the metal used, so mine won’t be either.  We’ll get a couple’s tattoo instead.

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