A Knitter’s Life

FYI this post was composed three months ago and never posted.  I’ve removed the draft status and published without edits.


Have you ever had that thought when knitting something, that one that whispers to you, “I don’t feel like knitting for this person anymore”?

That time when you’re knitting with frayed yarn all the time because you keep ripping it out over and again.  You love the garment but somehow it has created ill wishes in you towards the recipient.

This tension increases until you dump the piece all together and vow it is all the yarn’s fault.  You have just the yarn in your stash.  No, don’t bother with unraveling the mess you just created first.  Put that evil monster to rest.

You dash off to yarnia, a small closet reserved for your precious collection.  You cheek your favorites and smoosh a few more for good measure.  Your eye falls to yarn you’d forgotten all about; a sweater you’d dreamed about.

“I must knit it now!” you say.  Onto Ravelry you go, you knew the pattern was in your queue.



  1. Haha! (I don’t know how I missed this awesome post.)

    Mistine ~ I’m curious as to how different people use their queues on Revelry. What makes you add a pattern to your queue? I ask, because in the beginning of my Ravelry experience, when I was on newbie island if you will, I would add everything I liked to the queue. Then at some point I eventually realized that was what “favourites” were for. I try my best to keep my queue orderly, but I don’t think I’ll ever actually knit anything in that order!!


    • I favorite things that I might make someday. I went back and tagged everything to make it easier to sift through. By size (adult baby) and category (sweater sock).

      My queue is for items I want to make soon. I go through my queue once I add something new to make sure it still applies.

      If I want to make a baby sweater I’ll add those I want to make to queue and figure out the yarns and remove the the ones after that don’t fit what I’m looking for.

      I order my queue by items I need to finish first or by love of the pattern.


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