So I’ve been away.  Honestly I haven’t checked for how long because I don’t want to be distracted from my goal.

You see, I’ve put a lot of thought into reviving my blog lately.  It all started with a twitter message from the writer of Polly’s Blog.

Plowygle_blog updates

WordPress isn’t the only thing I left, Twitter was long forgotten as well!  I think I clicked on Twitter one day in mindless boredom and discovered I had messages.  Since then I’ve thought about blogging again because I really do miss it.

I started this blog so I’d have a history of me.  I wanted to post about my hobbies and just life in general when I need a vent.  The more I thought about it the more ideas I got for blog posts.  These were never recorded as they would come to me while brushing my teeth before bed or randomly during inconvenient times at work.

So I pushed it off until today.  While washing my face when I got home.  I did my entire evening routine chanting, “Blog Post,” in my mind.  From the moment my computer turned on I went straight to WordPress.  I won’t deny that I’ve had distractions while writing this post.

My mind floats and I guess this is why I figured I’d have a knack at writing.  If I let myself go I can just imagine the words in perfect order and write them down before the thought is gone.  This behavior is bad when you’ve thought to screenshot a Twitter post and end up Pinning something from Facebook that you’re significant other shared for you to see.  This lead into me logging into World of Warcraft, because that is how I spend most nights.

This lead on and on for a good 20 minutes before I finally arrived back on this page to upload a picture I had to snip, crop, and edit before uploading and linking.  And here we are now, with you reading the nonsense involved in writing this post.

So I bid you hello old friends.  I’ve somewhat made a goal tonight to post here once a week.  Because I want to and not because I feel obligated to.  This blog took up too much of my free time and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.  I guess what I needed was to be less hard on myself and just post when I have time.  And that is exactly what I’m going to do!

I also decided, aptly while brushing my teeth, that my blog name is perfect for whatever direction I take.  I’m a bit crazed in the hectic and eccentric sense.  I hope you enjoy the journey 🙂


(Just so you know how odd I am; I was going through the post options, in the old editor because the new one is weird, and clicked on my Publicize Settings.  I saw a new social media app to publish to called Path.  Intrigued I signed up on the website and downloaded the app on my phone.  I was thrilled to see it supported Window’s phones because so many companies do not.  After typing my annoyingly mobile-phone unfriendly password without using my swipe keyboard I finally got in.  I’ve surfed the website a bit and haven’t found a way to do anything on a PC browser.  I did just allow WordPress access to my friends list and to publish to my Path.  Anyways, off to play WoW.  We’ll talk soon.)


  1. I read this post the day it went up, but the girls were in a very needy period of their life (Molars! Who gets molars as their seventh tooth?) As you can tell, I also took advantage of the break to re-think the blog a bit. It is good to be back, though, isn’t it?


    • It is! I hope to be more active in blogging and knitting. I need to prioritize my hobbies. I have so many but DH only has one.


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