In Progress

I’ve made some progress on the shawl I’m working on. I’d post pictures but I’m sitting in a chair at the salon waiting for my color to develop. I’m going burgundy red and added a lot of layers to the cut so I have some volume.

My hair is naturally curly. Spirals. It took me a long time and many mistakes before I learned to take care of it. Curly hair specialists are far and few and I’m lucky that the closest one is near my job. If this one didn’t exist, I’d have to drive over an hour to another county.

I’m bored and left my knitting in the car and my husband took that to go get his hair cut. So I decided to write in my blog since I have nothing else to do.

So far we have managed to stay true to healthier eating. It just so happened that DH was hospitalized on New Year’s Eve and so this makes it appear as a resolution but it isn’t. He needs to eat better and lose weight. I’m cooking healthier and making him a packed lunch with snacks so he can eat without having to worry about the healthy choices.

Since I’m already making him salads for lunch, I make one for myself too. I dislike many lettuces but its my way of being there for him and I could stand to lose a few inches myself. I use a mixture if greens, spinach is my fav. I mix in a lean protein with cucumbers and tomatoes for me, peppers and onions for him. I cook chicken with a vegetable for dinner and make him egg white omelets the morning.

It has only been a week but it is working. I make the salads at night because my mornings are busy with the animals and getting them fed for the day.


  1. I want to dye my hair, too, but I am not keen on bleaching/stripping it to get it dyeable (confession: I kind of want pink hair). I go this Friday so I need to make up my mind soon!


    • I say go for what you want! Bleaching can cause damage. I got my tips dyed pink and I had to chop them off due to the split ends. It was bad. I also think the guy who did it was an idiot.

      Go with what makes you happy! I love pink.


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