I’m a Grandma

Last weekend was interesting to say the least.

We got up really early on Saturday to take Bubba to the vet.  He had a 9:30am appointment but they asked us to come in at nine.  I have to say that Simmons Veterinary Hospital is the best place for dogs, ever.  Here is a list of reasons, compiled during our initial visit and then the tour.

  1. We are five minutes away.  Any traffic conditions.
  2. They greeted us like old friends.
  3. Bubba was excited to be there.
  4. They are clean and sterile like a human hospital.
  5. They are open 24/7 for emergencies.
  6. They have daycare.
  7. They have boarding.
  8. They have five parks for the dogs, several with water!  Ponds and lagoons.
  9. They bathe and make your pet smell good after a day of romping.
  10. They took an amazing photo of him for his file.  They printed a copy for us.
  11. They printed a plastic card with his name and immunizations for us to keep.
  12. They trusted us to come back to pay for his annual visit.

So the story is quick, my list covered most of the important things.  There are a few tests pending but Bubba is healthy and happy.  We have decided we will put him in daycare twice a month.  During the weekend so we can run errands without guilt.  He is kenneled during the day while we’re at work.  We feed our snakes every two weeks and so on those weeks Bubba will not have to stay in his kennel as we feed them and clean everyone else’s tanks outs.  

Bubba and the picture the vet took. Love this!

The lady at the vet who was checking us out was backlogged on something and couldn’t fully check us out.  We had expressed interest in a tour, but the dog wasn’t welcome as it wouldn’t be easy to navigate him around.  So we took Bubba home and paid for his visit when we returned a few minutes later.  We passed through the medical portion and past the surgery suite.  There were isolated kennels for dogs with contagious infections.  A post op area.  Then we crossed through another room and past the next door were the kennels.  I believe there were 100 in all.  These were very nice, inside and air conditioned.  One even had a television!  They have three walls and a fancy gate.  No fighting between the bars, just seeing the neighbor across the way.

They named the hallways for streets and each room has it’s own name.  It is a neighborhood of kennels.  We arrived during feeding time and it was very orderly.  Each kennel is labeled for the dog and has the appropriate medicines and documentation outside of each in a mailbox.  Dogs do not wear personal collars and each is assigned a color-coded collar with their data printed onto it.  Waterproof, like those bracelets you get at parties and events.  We went through another door and into another kennel section, it was just like you’d expect at the pound.  Past that we came outdoors and toured the five parks they use to exercise the dogs.  We were impressed with the way they clean everything and sterilize those that can be.  From kennels to the turf they have in the parks.  Happy dogs everywhere.

Tour over we made our way home and relaxed for a few.  I wandered into the kitchen and saw something that didn’t register at first.  Morticia was in her stump hidey and I saw white lumps all over!  She had laid some eggs!  I was shocked but not really surprised.  We knew this male and female had lived together at their previous home and that is why we took them home.  We had prepared ourselves mentally for the eventuality of a clutch.  Immediately DH called Wild Cargo Pets and spoke to the owner.  DH had seen an incubator there weeks ago and it was still there.  We put Bubba up and drove over.

We had already planned on traveling to the store that day, because our large retail boa Odin was going to them to find a home.  He was just too big for us and a pain to take out of his tank to feed.  Not aggressive, Odin was a sweet giant.  Heavy and active.  We ended up leave Odin home and thankfully so.  We arrived to find a kind gentleman, we’ll call him Frank.  He had had a snake wrapped around his arm that he’d brought from home with his four small kids, one in a stroller.  The snake wasn’t eating and he wanted to talk to the store’s owner about possible solutions.  DH mentioned Odin and Frank expressed interest and wanted to know for how much. DH wasn’t looking to make anything and wanted the new owner to be someone who’d take care of his needs.  So it was a free exchange.

DH collected Frank’s information while I shopped.  We needed new substrate for the balls because we are moving them into Odin’s bigger tank.  I also needed sand for the beardies because it is easier to clean their lunch out of it and they like it too.  We are going to set up the balls old tank for the beardies, because we have the sides covered with shelf paper for privacy and glare reduction.  Then we’ll clean the beardie’s tank and wrap it in shelf paper and set it up for the uromastyx.  This way all creatures will have three walls and less glare from all the lights and other exhibits.  We plan on using Onyxia’s smaller tank (we moved her into Loki’s tank with newly found Nefarian when we found Loki a new home last week) for feeding the ball pythons so I still need to sterilize that.  The one tank we’ll have leftover will be just that.  In case we need to isolate someone for sickness and also for the new beardies!  How awesome to have this leftover tank just when we needed it most.  So I’ll start setting that up so it is ready in time.

We had to make a trip to Home Depot to  buy vermiculite.  It is a lightweight substance used in gardening and apparently is the best medium for egg hatching.  We finally made it home with rats and crickets in tow because it was feeding time for our zoo.  I released the crickets and fed them.  DH fed the balls and I set up the incubator.  I got the eggs in the incubator and setup a secondary thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the Tupperware.  It was advised that we put the eggs on the medium in a Tupperware inside the incubator.  We have finally got it set to a good temperature.  The incubator is at 89 degrees and the Tupperware is at 83 degrees.  Bearded dragon eggs need 80-85 degrees to hatch.  The hotter the sooner they hatch, the cooler the later.  The temperature also determines sex.  Which I find incredibly cool!!  I’m trying to stay in the average so it could go either way.


This is only the first clutch.  We got 14 eggs and so far all of them look good.  She could lay one to two more clutches.  The later ones may not be fertile, apparently she will have stored the sperm needed for this already and will lay her clutches regardless if they are fertilized or not.  The eggs will be yellow if unfertilized and white if they are.  All 14 are white, so I’m hopeful.  I have to baste the medium under the eggs a few times a day to keep the humidity around 50%.  We probably don’t need the incubator because South Florida weather is perfectly suited for this.  Not taking any chances on my first clutch!

A few hours later after all of this excitement, DH went to Frank’s house to drop off Odin.  He picked me up on the way home to check out a reptile store a few miles south of us that we’d never been to.  Turns out I had a few years ago but long forgot about it.  We were obsessed with their grapevine selection and snagged a piece that cost $50.  Expensive for a piece of decorative wood but the picture does this justice.  It is a rare find of it’s kind.  The rest of the decor was cool and they even had venomous snakes!  Definitely a store to visit a lot in the future.  DH made an order for a special hidey for the balls and we stopped for dinner and went home.

Bubba checking it out.

Sunday DH let me sleep until noon.  It was really bad because I had lost an entire day on Saturday and still needed to finish laundry.  The house needed cleaning too but that is something that can be done during the week.  We need clean clothes, a clean house can wait.  I fed the lizards and made him breakfast.  Took Bubba outside and got dressed.  We hung out for a few hours until the late afternoon and I was hungry.  So we decided to go to Taco Bell, but he needed to pump gas first.  When he came back to the car, I’d had a thought that the place down the street that sold garden stuff might have shale rock like the kind decorating the gas station for the bearded dragons.  So we drove there and lo and behold they had WOOD.  I wish I’d taken a picture of the crate of wood they had but my phone was charging at home completely dead.  The pictures of what we bought should suffice.  We spent a little more than we paid for that one piece we bought the night before.

I can only imagine that everyone at the store thought we were crazy.  I mean we were excited as though we’d just discovered a lost civilization.  When they told us the wood was $2.75 a pound we took weight into consideration as it was relative to the piece’s size.  We bought 25 pounds of wood and walked away like we’d robbed a bank.  If we were to buy that at the pet store it’d cost well over $300 or more.  They sell this stuff for premium prices and we got one large piece for six dollars because it was light!  Easily would have paid thirty or more in store.

Doesn't look exciting, but I can't wait to put it together.

So we finally drove to get our foods and went home to unload our treasure find and eat noms.  The rest of the evening was just us playing World of Warcraft and me folding clothes.  We had a guild LFR run tonight to help gear up a few guildies and alts.  It was fun, lasted a few hours.  I’m now sitting here talking to you.  I always like to write my posts out while the weekend is fresh in my mind and upload it later after I’ve had a chance to add pictures.  This way I can tell the whole story without being distracted by uploads and picture edits.  A less stressful way to blog.


  1. You can keep all the lizards and reptiles, but that dog… He’s so cute!

    Hope your incubator works! I didn’t do so well when I tried one on our emu eggs… Good thing the birds were able to hatch the eggs we didn’t bother to collect. A good reminder that Mother Nature knows best, for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re hoping for success but anything can happen. We’ll learn something in the process. I grew up on a farm so I’m really enjoying it all. We incubated chicken eggs 🙂


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