Family Planning

I had my tubes tied on Thursday.  The official name is tubal ligation.  I’ve actually seen it done, live in person.  I was sixteen.  I volunteered at in post-op at a same-day surgery center at a local hospital.  They allowed me to sit in the OR and watch whatever I wanted.  I saw many common procedures and some not so common.

I was sure that I would be a surgeon when I grew up.  Blood doesn’t bother me and I’m fascinated by the human body.  I still do wish it were my profession but I have no regrets.  I love my life and career and wouldn’t go back and change it even if you swore that time machine you were working on actually worked.

Nope, I’m extremely happy with my life and the fact that all my decisions good and bad lead me to this point.

I’ve wanted  be permanently sterilized before I gave birth to my son.  Him I do not regret, but I knew then that he was all I would ever want.  I felt cheated out of the entire birth experience as I was pushed into a c-section.  He was too big they said.  I’d have to have an emergency c-section when he was stuck they said.  Even my husband at the time agreed it was best as his first child had complications at birth.

I have the perfect pelvis for pushing out babies and I was really looking forward to the natural birth experience I had planned.  The only reason I agreed to not sterilize myself immediately was due to the fact that I wanted to experience birth.  Pain I can handle; other women have without issue since the first baby was born.

Children are an amazing blessing, but we have both been there and done that.  My son just turned nine and his just turned eighteen.  He also has a non-adopted daughter he raised with an ex for many years.  She is his daughter in every way even though they share no blood and he has no legal obligations towards her.

We love our life without children.  Don’t get me wrong, children are great!  If we had managed to slip up on birth control and I became pregnant we would have been overjoyed.  The issue is I don’t do well on BC and I also tend to be horrible with pills.  This means a lot of abstinence when I miss a pill.

I’m a married woman and sex is supposed to be an amazing gift between husband and wife.  It is hard to have spontaneity and enjoy when you’re constantly worried about being pregnant.  It was the one thing we agreed on before we wed, no children in our future.   We like getting up late on the weekends and not having to be responsible for feeding and clothing another person.

He could have just gotten a little snip-snip but he is overweight and his doctor told him during the consultation that it would be a tough recovery as a result of it.  So we skipped that.  I reviewed my other options.  Implants are a big thing but they are made to be removable and are not permanent.

There is also the Essure product my OB recommended, but after reading the pamphlet I knew it wasn’t for me.  I couldn’t repeat the pain and discomfort when they took a biopsy of my cervix less than a year ago.  Sure the recovery would be better but I knew that I would be nervous and unable to relax.  Plus it can take almost a year before you’re sterilized and you still need to take BC until you get confirmation from your OB that you’re good.

So I opted for the good old tubal ligation.  I knew what it entailed from my visits to the OR as a teenager to see the procedure and therefore I wasn’t scared or nervous.  The OB tried to talk me out of it as it would leave a scar and have a longer recovery time.  I didn’t care, I’ve had a c-section and survived so this would be a breeze.  Plus once I’m healed everything is good to go!

For those thinking about having the procedure, let me tell you about the recovery.  I slept on my back the first night an crawled into bed freezing.  I couldn’t get back out of bed to get a blanket because the pain was bad enough to prevent it.  I had to wait for DH to get done with the bathroom and by then I wasn’t cold anymore but he brought me a blanket anyway.  I woke up in the same position I had fallen asleep in. Getting up was okay.

Walking around the second day wasn’t easy, the same as the day of.  Since I had my procedure first thing in the morning on Thursday; waking up on Friday was 24 hours later.  I had to hold my tummy as I walked around as jiggles didn’t feel good.  I’ve lost fifty pounds in the past year, but I still don’t have the flat tummy and I’m not concerned if I never do.

Sitting down and getting up required assistance.  Not because of pain but because I didn’t want to use my abs and cause pain.  So I used my legs and braced myself with my hands on a surface.

Going to bed the second night was pleasant.  I could roll over on my side and sleep on my tummy.  I like to fall asleep on my tummy and sleep on my back.  I usually end up how you’re supposed to sleep; flat on my back with no pillow.  I just cannot fall asleep without Mrs. Pillow.

Waking up today was easy and I slipped right out of bed.  I had to be careful but it was totally easy.  I’ve been able to walk around and managed to do some laundry.  I refuse to pick anything up of the floor or lift anything heavier than my 34 oz Bubba cup filled with coffee goodness.  I also didn’t take any of the Tylenol with Codeine that was popping like candy the first two days.  Good thing too because it makes me feel sick without food and I haven’t had much of an appetite.

I spent the entire first two days organizing my file and pictures.  I merged everything into Google Drive and backed that up with OneDrive.  Most of my blogging pictures are on Flickr already but I setup an automatic uploader on my phone so Flickr gets everything once my phone is charging and connected to WiFi.

I organized my Flickr with appropriate file names and descriptions and made sure all pictures of people were flagged as private.  I don’t share my image online or those of my family unless it is specifically chosen and done with purpose.  I’m a private person, even my Facebook has just 52 friends and no public access.

I also signed up for Offce 365 as this increased my OneDrive to 1TB and gives me MS Office on my laptop, computer, tablet, and phone.  DH can also have it on his desktop, laptop, and phone.  We’re set.  I’m just waiting on my Windows 10 to be ready to install.  I have been on the reservation list for months.  He registers and the next day is able to download.  I’m quite upset over his luck.

I haven’t ceased knitting and I’m working on updating my Zigzag blanket tutorial which has much demand.  Here’s a picture just to get you excited if you’re waiting on me to finish.



  1. Fascinating post. My OB doesn’t like to do tubal ligation, either. Not sure what is in store for our family since I hate the side effects of most BC as well. I’m glad you are recovering well. The c-section I had took me nearly two weeks to recover from. Sometimes I, too, regret not having labored for either of my daughters, but in a way I think it’s fitting. Regret can be a scary thing if you give it too much power so I don’t dwell on the past much. Hope your future days are bright!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m feeling almost 100% today. I’m taking it easy but I’m able to move around and plan on going to work in the morning.
      I’m really looking forward to no more hormones or missing a day of pills.
      My regrets are over and I’m happy with my decision. My c-section took a few weeks too but this was far better in healing. The tubal was the right choice for us and I’m happy it is over with.

      Liked by 1 person

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