Hello World

I have been meaning to start this blog for a long time – it can be tedious to type this up time and again in AC or KC – easier to paste a URL and boom let them read all about it!


Hi!  I’m Purls and I live in Kingdom 207.  Best.  Kingdom.  Ever.  JS.

I’ve played KoA for a year.  Longer I think.  I cannot recall and honestly I’m scared to scroll to the bottom of my Google Play purchase history.  Let’s say early 2017.  February abouts.  The kingdom just opened and the throne was a curiosity since it was destined to be bubbled for months.

Blog Name; PHQ.  So there are two parts to that.  HQ stands for Harley Quinn.  PHQ = Purls Harley Quinn.  I usually go by just Purls.  Sometimes Purls ♡  or in my early days Purls ♡  HQ.  I was Harley ♡ Quinn for KE back when my stats allowed me to participate.

You know you have the right Purls if you see an HQ picture. I use several.  My main is me all dressed up for Halloween as the lovely HQ as shown in Suicide Squad (take that Revenge!  …some movie that wasn’t important enough to remember my ass).  My alts – well farmers good luck.  You’ll never know who is mine.  Alts in other kingdoms, yup another HQ picture.

It’s okay, there are no other Purls in the contact list but me.  I’ve looked.  No, they aren’t spies if they have my name … I use something else for that (seriously though if I talk in KC you should be able to figure it out)  So if you’re in KVK against k207 chances are I’m watching your KC.  Yeah, people are silly for planning in KC.  IDC – tell me all your secrets!

I’m sassy.  I also tend to curse a lot.  Don’t like it?  Leave.  I’m not rude and I’m not an evil mf.  But I do speak my mind and I don’t take lip.

I’m currently at stronghold 30 31.  Just 600 494 badges from 31Maybe some food.

I live for Excalibur Event, otherwise known as KVK!!  In fact everything I do in game is to prepare, plan, and execute this event.  No, I’m not the Queen.  No, I’m not the biggest player.  I organize the event and ensure participants are rewarded.  Oh and I fight too ♡

I like to chat!  I’d like to make people laugh.  I like to help.  I like to have fun in general.  I like to organize and plan.

Want to know more?  Stop by k207 and ask for me.  Or add me as a contact in game.  Don’t be offended if after our hello’s and chat that I remove you.  I use my contact list for Kingdom Mail and I rather like it to not be over 50 people I have to sort through.  So don’t take it personal!  If you and I get along I usually share my Line and/or Wechat ID – or you can just ask…

Anywho so I like to help.  I’m humble and really hate bragging but if you’re coming here to know about me you should know that I provide a lot of advice.  Stuff I’ve discovered by reverse engineering game mechanics or by mathing.  Stuff others have passed down.  Stuff I’ve read.  So, in that I don’t take credit for all my knowledge BUT I do take credit for putting two and two together and making all the puzzle pieces fit together.

I tend to provide a lot of stat advice and best practices for growth.  What packs to buy for what, what gems to level, prestige to apply.  Etc…

Oh and I make up words.  So don’t bother trying to call me out on it.  Go with it.

Anywho this blog is focused on two topics:

  • What did Purls do today?
  • What advice does Purls want to share today?

If you don’t like what I have to say, okay.  That’s your prerogative.  If you feel the need to spam comments with your dislike…thanks!  Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

If you do like what I have to say, let me know!  The more positive feedback the more I’ll be motivated to share.

♡ 207

Famous Last Words:

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