Spreadsheet Update!

My spreadsheet has been *slightly* updated.  As in I removed the Research and Pack tabs – they had a purpose long ago but I long since abandoned that project.  They were useless unless you wanted to reference data before Combat 2 and packs were updated.

What I did do is finally put the math that has been swimming around in my head since Thanksgiving down in formulas.  Meaning the # of troops to send is based directly on the damage it does.

Does it work?  I’d like to think so .. I’ve always done very well on Golem with my math.  In fact I may have done even better than I thought just “winging” it.  The percentages that my math determined are not very far from the defaults with the exception of infantry and siege.  I also left the top percentage on which troops to send by “tier” as-is.  It has always served me well…

Yes, I’m finally going to revisit siege for golem.  I really hope this new update will be as we hope and have no health and last the full 24 hours.  I’d like to maximize my xp and not have to pull over on the drive home to ensure I can get in the game and port before he is dead.

You won’t find a link in this post – go to the navigation menu and click My ♡ Spreadsheet!!

Anyways.  Goal is to do maximum damage on golem.  I’m going to compare my math to someone else’s and see who is going down the right path.  I don’t know how they came up with their totals so we shall see.

If you use my new formulas for golem let me know how it compares to my last setup…

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