Gamealotimus is an r4 of BAR.  He stayed in KVK after the last event and asked GH – Dew Hefner – to hold his portal spot at BAR with a farm as he would remain in KVK a few weeks.  We’ve all been friends for a long time via the game and if you cannot have fun then what is the point?

So this is the farm that was created and dropped in by the portal just for Game.  Scrubalotimus.  Because we call Game that all the time – cause he’s a scrub (lol).

King of Avalon_2018-03-25-21-06-08.png

Yes, as you can see in the above Game commented he was being rallied up.  By Scrub.  Here is Game, minding his own business running solo barbs.  It was my suggestion actually – I told Dew to start a rally at Game and have everyone add one cav to it for fun.

King of Avalon_2018-03-25-21-07-36.png

Oh yeah…

King of Avalon_2018-03-25-21-10-33.png

I sent the best troop I could to reinforce Game.  My mauler.  He has yet to be named…

Full video of the action is below – well most of it.

So Game survived, barely. It was touch and go there for a minute. But the fun wasn’t over! May not seem like much to you but it’s part of what I love about 207. We make fun happen. In our own ways.

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♡ 207

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