KVK Planning + FAQ

Okay, so this week I was up an hour early for KVK. A bit grumpy on four hours of sleep but up and awake. I’ll admit I’m annoyed at KVK planning. So I kinda half-assed this one. Sorry. Hindsight I spent so much time in mail explaining stuff for the umpteenth time that I regret not detailing every little thing.

These are the FAQ in Mail, Alliance Chat, and Discord maybe a few by me lol
Who am I reining? Where do I port? What troops am I sending? Do I need to bubble? Should I buff? Why are you sending my reins back? Hello, is anyone going to get that tower? Should I take this hit or bubble? What do you mean by minimal troops?

So I like to prepare mails to people in certain roles so they know. Down to troops to send based on the tiers they have. Shore to port to (invading) and Tower to hold (anywhere). It is highly organized and usually VERY smooth.



So what does planning involve? I’m not sure what other kingdoms do but I visit every alliance that helps with KVK to Mail All. Usually a general plan and call for troops to defend home and invade. I also ask for peoples availability.

I get a lot of responses. Sometimes more sometimes less. I spreadsheet them and assign a role (throne, tower, reins) and assign a kingdom. I base assignments off when people are available. Certain roles have stat requirements such as being unbubbled in another kingdom.

Others have no stat requirements such as stacking a mega throne. For reins I like people with stats to boost defenses on those strongholds and this role favors people who are available only initially or when we invade.

It works well.  Then you have the handful of people that just *show up* with no courtesy head’s-up.  That gives me more stress than anything.  Like, why couldn’t you just say – I may come or I’m thinking about it.  So there is pressure to put these people in a role or fear they’ll be bored and never come again.

All in all we do well.  We have fun.  Discord makes the world go round.

I’ve taken a bit if video from the highlights of our current KVK.  It’ll take a while to create a highlight video

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