My Kill Event Excitement

So there I was, minding my own business. I wasn’t even logged in and was #PlayingAnotherGame when I got a notification from King of Avalon.

You are being scouted by [Bad] Player#20719f8329e.

Serious? Certainly not. I knew that before I logged in. But I had to know wtf was going on. I give people permission to scout all the time, I don’t have a reason to hide my troop count. Anyone who understands simple math can figure that out quickly. It isn’t hard. You just have to know baseline sh power, estimated research, and gear/gems. Most is acquired when being scouted or attacked. Then based on sh level you can math the max # of top tier troops they can have and estimate actual from there.

It was just an annoyance and because it was unusual behavior lead me to believe it was someone who knew me from another kingdom. If they were friendly I’m sure a response to my mail would have occurred. As of me writing this post none has occurred. There is always a reason and I’m curious by nature.

I ended up mailing their r4 – it is just a micro alliance. And scouted a few times. I may have moved to port and decided meh. Cause I haven’t had any reason to attack in a while lol and it was tempting. Not tempting enough and I wasn’t interested in anyone else they had in the alliance. I thought about burning them with single cavalry attacks but let it be.

Perhaps because I’m first on the relic list? The world may never know…

I had a video of it, still do actually. Just not happy with the edits or the video itself. So you don’t get any visual goodies today. However there is a lovely video from KVK 25 that I still need to edit and share. It’s a gem.

♡ 207

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