Creating New Farm

What if I told you that in less than five minutes you could level a brand new account to Lord 10, Dragon 23, and Dragon Spirit 18?  Without opening your pocketbook.  

You’d laugh; however I discovered this while creating spies for KVK.  I started two in 207 an hour before the new match started.  I always do so it is quicker to port over and review leaderboards.

However before I left each farm joined KVK to gain 200g for free and also collected all the kingdom quest rewards because why not?

Here is what I learned.  You can collect kingdom quest rewards in multiple kingdoms.  Up to 3 times on a brand new account.  Yes, I know you only get 2 beginner ports so how?

Well 3 times requires you start the farm on an accountless device.  Why?  So you can collect the rewards in the newest kingdom – hoping they aren’t that new and have completed the kingdom quest.  Collect rewards.  Join 2nd kingdom.  Collect rewards.  Join your home kingdom.  Collect rewards.

New farm – instant easy leveling to boost it without toiling over barbs.  Even if you collected just two – and started in your home kingdom, ported to another, and back home, you’d still get to Lord 9, Dragon 21, and Dragon Spirit 17.  Still not a bad deal

♡ 207

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